Carson’s Stronghold

Carson’s Stronghold

My name is Carson. I have a mission statement. It is simple. That is, “to live and show others that I am a Christian and that they can be Christians too. But not everyone knows what being a Christian is. So I tell them about the life stories of people in the Bible.

The story of David and the lions, for example. I tell them that God had his back all the time. How God stopped the lions from eating David.

With my school friends, I share tidbits on being a better person. Sometimes, that means encouraging them to pray for the people they hate. And if necessary, praying that our heart changes too. Jesus said to love our neighbour and this includes loving people who don’t necessarily like us. Yes, even though you don’t get along with them, you can still say hi and try to be a friend.

Why? Because God loves you. So do I but the person who loves you the most is our God. He made you to become like Him. People may hate you but you know I love you and so does God. So don’t be afraid to tell people that God loves you and that He cares about you.

Right now, I am praying for the people in Africa so they can get fresh water and toys to play with. They have nothing to play with. That is why me and my dad are collecting money for a bore hole so the African people can have fresh water to drink and showers so they live longer.

I am also praying that more people will believe that God can save them from the trials of life. So that’s my page of prayer — loving more and caring for people. To get to know God better, I suggest that we all read the Bible every day.


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