God is Wonderful… So are YOU!

God Is Wonderful … So Are You!

I start my day with a hot steaming cup of tea, my Bible and some music. Today, unlike many others, I wakened with a peaceful heart, a sound mind, and a spirit full of love. I sit with my tea at the table, say my prayer, find today’s verse and then I walk around my very messy home. (If you know me, then this kind of start to my day would usually flip that peaceful heart upside down instantly.) But there I am jumping over backpacks, tripping over jackets, trying to make it safely around the relocated furniture, into each of my babies rooms.

I wake them with a tickle, a laugh, a snuggle if necessary, but most of all I do so with love. I say to each of them today’s verse: Psalm 118:24 – “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

I gather my very sleepy children around the white board and we start with our prayer. A prayer that my oldest will dance on stage with grace and love, that her nerves will be wiped away so that she can be at peace when she dances. A prayer that as we start our day we will show God’s love in everything we do. A prayer that help us continue to be thankful for our health, wealth, family, and friends. Our prayer – being sure to interact through each of my children. We end with an AMEN. God is Good!

We quickly progressed through our morning message, a morning tradition we have started to help each one of us understand our feelings while getting to know our Lord and Savior just a little bit more. I kept the lesson to less than ten minutes as we had things to do. A busy day to get started. We hustle and bustled and moved through the house like maniacs on a mission.

That mission inevitably taking me back through the kitchen to see my two youngest children smiling and laughing at that same whiteboard that showed today’s message. There they were holding those dry erase markers, caught red handed, messing with the original message.

My daughter Bella had decided to add her two cents to the lesson, while my son, Gray, added artwork to surround the words.

Bella’s words for today ‘God is wonderful, so are you’.

Stepping back, I watched my youngest daughter smile in her innocence say, “It’s true mommy.” Those few words may not be exactly relevant to today’s lesson, but an even more important lesson through the eyes of a seven year old.

God is wonderful and so are you!

He loves us for who we are. He loves us for who we were and now for who we are becoming. We are wonderful in His eyes, created just the way He wants us to be. The lesson I received today is that God speaks powerful words through our children. Take a minute and end the hustle and bustle, before you get knocked off your feet the way I did.

Remember that GOD IS WONDERFUL and He made us in His image, which means SO ARE YOU!

Thank you Bella for reminding me of this simple message. As parents, we get so caught up in our daily coming and going that we forget that we are wonderful. We end up rushing through life, just existing, not appreciating the simple things; the moments we could have stopped and shown how wonderful we are in His image.

Take a moment so that you too can appreciate God’s goodness today. Remind a friend ‘God is wonderful, so are YOU!’

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