Responsibility of a First Born and Big Brother

Responsibility of a First Born and Big Brother


Hi! My Mom is awesome.  Like most moms, my mom tries to do things that I really know I should be doing myself.  Yes, I am learning what to do and how to do things better but I have also learned some insights that I would like to share with you. I want to write about what we can do if our mom is stressed.

First, it’s always a good idea to help out whenever someone needs it. It doesn’t always have to be mom who needs help. It can also be when you are at school and you stand up to a bully because he or she is being mean to another kid.  I know — you have probably heard a thousand times that you should help someone in need but I just want to remind you, and remind me too.

What do you do, though, if you are not sure how to help?  This is where we need to spend extra time thinking about our family surroundings.  Is there a mess somewhere I can clean up? Is there a song that mom especially likes on iTunes that I can turn on? Can I make mom a hot drink, instead of mom always waiting on me? Can I share with mom how special she is, and how thankful I am to have her as my mom? Maybe all I have to do is my homework before she asks to see it at the end of a long day.

I know at my house I can help mom by caring for my little sister and brother. I can read them books. I can help them colour. I can make huge towers with our lego blocks. I can even play house but as a young boy that might be taking the helping just a little too far.

If you can’t think of anything to do to help, I think you should go to your room, shut the door, and take time to pray. Ask God how you can help your family.  Of course, you will need to listen really well to what He is saying.  God always gives me an idea. This is what I do when my mom is stressed and I want to help her but don’t know how.

After you try this, send me a response and let me know how prayer worked out for you. Maybe if we all chat about how to ease the stress in our families, moms could spend time making the world a much happier place.

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