Snatched From the Abyss

Snatched from the Abyss!


Thankfully, I was snatched from the edge of the abyss by the grace of God. Still, for me, the underlying message was clear. The Abyss Dream (as I have since named my revelation) marked the beginning of a new life for me — in Jesus. Today, my only motivation is to preach the good news gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom to anyone and everyone that does not personally know our Lord God and Saviour. I am optimistic that in sharing my dream, others too might heed the calling of our Most High King. That is, to become fishers of men and disciples, going into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature.

The dream begins with me struggling towards the top of a hill or a mountain. In this place, I am not alone but rather one of a vast multitude of people.  As far as the eye could see, there were multitudes all around me. My motivation was to get to a higher level but it seemed that everyone else wanted to do the same, For example, whenever there was an opening ahead we all dived for it — often elbowing and snarling at one another to gain these newfound positions. I clearly remember how tired I was, but for some reason I just had to get to the higher ground.At one point, it seemed as though the top of this mountain was not too far off.

However, no matter how hard I struggled, the highest elevations seemed always to be some distance away. In the midst of this, I suddenly find myself standing on the edge of something terrifying. That is, just one more step and I would fall. The cliff was clearly visible — something similar to what many would visualize the Grand Canyon to resemble — but without a bottom or other side. On both sides of me, people kept falling into this empty space — in reality an unspeakable horror — none of them making any sound so that the one behind them did not know what was ahead. In my alarm and terror of what lay ahead,

I turned around and saw another startling scene that I had not been aware of before. The vast multitude of people behind me were climbing over heaps of cars, houses, stoves, fridges and all kinds of worldly stuff only to fall into this horrible place. I raised my arms and shouted to the people at the top of my voice, “Stop! Stop! It’s all a lie, Stop, it’s death. Do not take another step!”

That is when I woke up and realized it was only a dream. But the dream left a lasting impression on me that could not be discounted. This experience taught me clearly that I was serving a false a god — the material things of this world — and that I was one step away from the abyss — hell.

Even though I had trusted my life to Jesus some years earlier, I talked about faith and went to church regularly but my heart was still worshiping false gods and I knew this to be true when I really looked into my own heart.  Reflecting on the Abyss Dream, I believe our gracious Lord was gently warning me to change my life before journeying toward that final step.

The question for me then was “What will I choose?  Will I choose life eternal through Jesus Christ my Lord?  For the other option, I did not need to make any changes,  All I had to do was continue taking yet another step with the others in the crowd who continuously struggled to reach a higher plateau. But a plateau that would only lead to death.

I prayerfully leave this message with you. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 3:23)


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