A Prayer for Today

A Prayer for Today

Dear Jesus,

I have one prayer for today. It’s not for me but for strangers I will never meet. I am asking for Your love to be poured out to four families, I know understanding is a long way away, so I won’t ask for that. Please heal their hearts, I know it’s a long process but Your love and healing is the only thing that will get them through the struggles these families are facing.

First, I ask that you hold a baby yet to be born in the safety of Your arms, as his mom mourns. I ask that you teach a young child to love like you do — Your love through him shining brightly through his mom’s grief.

I ask that You take three young girls and protect them from all the things their daddy can’t. Let them grow up to find comfort in Your arms. Let Your love rain down on their mom, who now has to answer a million ‘why’s’ that she can’t answer herself. I ask that you love a mom and step-daughter. Their lives have been forever altered in the most unimaginable way. You, Lord Jesus please be their safety net because they will need Your love and protection.

Please move into the hearts of the moms and dads, siblings, grandparents of the three men who died protecting people they didn’t know. Grief is hard and long but with Your love, they will learn to remember the good times. And perhaps, once again, they will be able to smile again. They will one day be able to say the names of their loved ones without breaking down in tears.

I pray for another family as well. They will need Your strength unlike the others. They are unwilling victims. They will bear the brunt of hate, misguidedly pointed at them. They will lose friends, support systems and life as they know it. A week ago life threw a curveball. and without Your mercy and grace, they may never recover.

I pray for the men and women across this country who protect us every single day. Like them or not, I know that they possess a bravery I never could. A possibility much higher than most, that they might not come home at the end of the day.

Last week, four families were making plans. They were living life and I pray they were loving You as well. This week, they prepare to bury their loved ones, or watch another member of their family in a court room. This week, please let Your love, forgiveness and hope, peek through their grief and confusion. Show them how to turn to you.

In your precious name, Jesus…..Amen<3

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