A Very Blessed Hockey Mom

A Very BLESSED Hockey Mom

Hockey season this year has had some big highs and some lows, but unlike any other year….this year I learned a few new things;)

1) I learned that it really isn’t about winning or losing. We didn’t win very many games, it took all season for our kids to finally come together as a team but they never left the rink sad. Those 13 boys taught me that playing hard, putting it all out there, and walking away with a smile was what hockey should be about.

2) I learned that having a committed group of parents makes hockey so much more enjoyable. I’ve always enjoyed the majority of parents on Keagans team, but there is always a few sour grapes. This year, we had none……each parent was there to support the kids, the coaches and each other.

3) I learned that if your hockey coaches are as silly as the kids……the kids will respond with respect. When the adults teaching your kids are having fun, you can guarantee the kids are having 10 times more.

4) I learned that just because you have the youngest and smallest team in your league doesn’t mean they are not just as good. It took a while for the kids to realize that the bigger kids can be slower….sometimes being forty or fifty pounds lighter can work in your favour.

5) I already knew this but it was definitely reinforced this year. A bad referee, or maybe biased is a better way to say it…..can make you lose a game, and you can’t do anything about it. I only encountered this problem in one community, with one specific referee but he was consistently the same…..terrible.

6) I learned that it’s ok to cheer for your coach who just got kicked out of the game…..because the above mentioned referee refused to make a call on a player who just injured our only goaltender, and the coach got mad.

7) I learned that even when the referee was terrible….it takes the better person (our coach mentioned above) to apologize to that referee, even though he ignored him. My respect level for him doubled when he apologized to the parents and kids as well…..even though we all had his back.

8) I learned that just because a tournament is labelled ‘friendly’ doesn’t mean it actually will be friendly. Chances are there will be kids trash talking each other or parents making fun of the other teams……but it’s ok, because this year we didn’t have kids or parents like that.

9) This season, I realized how truly talented Keagan is…..it was a tough year but he totally shined both on the scoresheet, and as a team leader. He even stayed mostly out of the penalty box…..except when we had a certain referee;)

10) This year…..I am sad hockey season is over. That doesn’t normally happen because I’m usually ready for a break. I made new friends, so did Keagan. I will miss the happy faces of the kids I got to know…..lol…..I will even miss trying to figure out who is who;)

So thank you to the best group of kids, coaches and parents I have had the pleasure of spending countless hours with. I can only hope that I get to spend more time with you guys as our kids continue getting older:):)

Titus 2:7-8 
Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned, so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us.

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