“Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD for [He is] good — for His mercy [endureth] for ever.” (Psalms 106:1-48)

Silence in my house is not a good thing.  It means that I have allowed my three kids (four and under) out of my sight just long enough for them to have found something so absolutely amazing that all three of them are entertained.  There are very few things that amaze toddlers like this and the top two for my house are poop and flour.

It’s amazing though how the dynamics in a household changes in the midst of silence. Often, I will try to fill the void. If I have my phone, then I will turn on music to occupy the quiet. If I don’t, then I will sing or hum a familiar tune. Admittedly, I am not good with silence. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of life and I love the noise it creates within our surroundings. But there is a silence I do love to listen to – one that is happening as I write.

Currently, it is the morning.  All three of my little men are still sleeping. In fact, so is my husband who — on this rare day – has the day off.  They are all enjoying dreamland and as I sit on my couch wrapped in a blanket, I can only imagine their dreams.  For my youngest Oliver, the imagery would revolve around food or trains.  Being two, he doesn’t have a lot of interests yet but if I start cooking breakfast, he would be in my kitchen as soon as the scent hit his nostril.  If it isn’t food, then it is his beloved trains.  His trains are always scattered across the floor of his room where he will happily sit and play for hours.

The dreams of my oldest son Bennet are most likely of television shows or video games.  He has a passion for screen time and I am sure right now there is a theme song running through his head.  If he is not dreaming about some show in this realm, then he will be dreaming of animals.  He absolutely loves learning about animals and dinosaurs.

Thinking about my middle son, I can honestly say that I am not really sure what Zachary would dream about.  If you watch him sleep you would probably agree with me – that he doesn’t dream. Instead, his whole body surrenders to sleep and to look at his sweet face, you would see how deeply he is sleeping. As if sleeping itself is his dream.

This is the sound of my morning. Not quite silence, as one imagines because I can still hear the air circulating through the house and the clicking of my keyboard.  It is too early for my phone to start beeping but there are messages on it from people who have forgotten about the time change.

However, for me, I am learning that this silence is beautiful.  It is the silence of a brand new day — a fresh start – a new beginning. It is the point where one can choose to be happy in their circumstance or instead, carry along yesterday’s baggage that in and of itself will negate the joy that comes with renewal.  It is the moment where you can start the day ready for a new adventure or you can dread it coming, even before the adventure begins.

I pray that everyone reading this blog will start their new day with an air of excitement.  I pray that this is a happy day for you.  I pray that no sadness will come your way today. That no hurt or pain will knock on your door.  I also pray that when this day is done that you will remember to thank Him who gave you this day. For the breath and strength that He gives. For the blessings that He bestows upon us.  And that you will take a moment to rejoice in Him.

If, on the other hand, today turns out to be a sad day for you, or if you are hurting due to things in your life that are outside of your control, remember Jesus loves you.  Turn to Him and let Him hold you in His arms today. And on my end, I pray earnestly for you to have faith knowing that He will carry you over the hurdles.

Well, the silence has just ended and my morning begun. The first patter of feet has hit the floor.  So Good Morning to you all!  Be blessed on this beautiful day and remember that God has a purpose for you today that is unique and specific.

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