Celebrate the Kingdom of Light not Darkness

Last night, we saw dragons, dinosaurs, princesses, fairies, and superheroes.  My kids watched in amazement as they saw other children dressed up as their favorite character or animal.  It was so distracting that they couldn’t even focus when the children’s pastor called them to bow their heads in prayer.  My middle son just kept pointing at the little boy dressed as a dinosaur and wanted to know why.  My middle son is only three so I was not going to explain to him the why of halloween.  However I will explain it to you.

If you look into the origin of Halloween you will find it is not found in Jesus centered faith.  It was made for a celebration of spirits and worshiping the dead.  You will also find that it eventually separated into two separate paths.  You have the path that most North American’s are celebrating which is where we blindly dress our children up in cute or grotesque costumes and send them door to door trick-or-treating where they are given loads of candy to eat.  That all sounds very fun.  Or there is the path that has stemmed towards cults and the evilness that truly is Halloween.  There lies the portion that is black and dark and scary.  I cannot give you all the facts but I encourage you to go look into it.

I will give you what I know and what I believe.  There is a darkness to this holiday that we are repeatedly warned about in the Bible.  One very blatant verse is Deuteronomy 18:9-13 “When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there.  Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spirits or who consults with the dead.  Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.”

When we dress up our kids, it is a representation of those who used to dress up to pray to the evil spirits that surrounded them.  When we say trick or treat, it has the meaning that you are speaking as a spirit who has asked the owner of the household to offer up a sacrifice so that there is no “trick” laid upon their household.  When you give out candy it is mimicking that offer of a sacrifice.  When we participate in those haunted houses where zombies, witches and other scary goblin like creatures are waiting to instill fear into your heart, please know that they are representations of what was not pretend and what was real in the Cultic traditions.

The adrenaline rush you get when you walk through these places is just a fraction of what was going through the mind of the victims of Halloween.  Please do not deny there has been victims because there are every year all over this world, some as young as a newborn child.

We live in a world where our standards are dropping at a terrifying rate.  Our acceptance of things has risen to allow our eyes to be deceived so easily.  In my household we choose not to allow our children to participate on Halloween.  We do not dress up and we will not allow them to partake in Halloween activities at school.  We do participate in church activities to allow our kids to learn a Christian viewpoint on this holiday.  We will teach them about demons and evil spirits and they will understand why we didn’t allow it in our home.

There is a song from Casting Crowns that goes like this:

“Be careful little eyes what you see, it’s the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings.”

I do not condemn those that choose to participate.  It is a choice no different than any other but I do encourage you to learn about it so that you know and understand and more importantly you can protect and defend yourself and your children.  And if you come knocking on my door on this Halloween night, you will receive a bag of treats that are in a Halloween appropriate treat bag for your child.  They will receive some suckers and a tootsie pop and I will ooh and ah over their costumes.  There will be happy little pumpkin carvings on my doorstep and they will have a candle shining through them.  Also know that I will be praying protection over your children as they leave and that every one of those treat bags have been prayed over.

Oh, and you should also know that my household is protected by the greatest sacrifice ever given and that is our Lord Jesus Christ.  He died for us to live and if you ask Him, He will come guard your door as well.  Be safe and blessed!

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