Choosing Their Future…

My oldest boy is going to turn 5 in the next couple months. Essentially, that means come the fall, my once little boy will be attending kindergarten. In the place where we lived before we moved to the west, there were only two choices for schools.  My son could either go into French immersion or an English school. Therein, we had decided on the French immersion school.  However, in our new residence, the choices are not as simple. Indeed, now we have multiple options for schooling, including French, English, Christian, Catholic, and Private schools.

Me? I am totally stumped. I should also note that there was a time where my hubby and I had considered home schooling. This decision has been since vetoed. And, unless something comes up to change that plan, my boys will go into the school system.

But there are times, when I am making “big” decisions that I wonder what happens if, or when, I make the wrong one. I wonder if I will affect his future because maybe he won’t make friends at the private school like he would at a public school. Or, maybe my son will stumble learning the French language and as such, I will have impeded his schooling. In this latter case, it would have been better then to have enrolled him in an English program, where my son would learn some French. Or maybe the Christian school is the best option because that school will be teaching the same values as us. But in this case, attending a Christian school might not teach him how to defend his faith.  You see my dilemma. I honestly don’t know all the answers and because I am a “big-thinker” in everything I consider, my mind quickly winds its way through a million scenarios.

I have had to make these decisions before, in choosing a daycare when I was working, or the decision to move him away from all his family and friends so we could live near his dad.  He is only five but everything from vaccinations to sleep patterns have become prayed over decisions in his life.  The other factor is that what I choose for him will be what his brothers go into as well.  These are hard decisions for a parent to face and again, I don’t always know the right thing to do.

The thing is this. I do not have to.  That is why we are Christ-centred people who choose to follow the plan set before us.  Just like in the other big decisions regarding my children’s life, I need to wait on the Lord.  I have learned that rushing into a decision without prayer, knowledge and scripture is a bad idea.  There have been times that I didn’t get a direct answer, and in those times I had to trust that God would cover me and my little family.  There are times, when I moved forward in my search for His answer, that He opened the doors. With Jesus in charge, He would change my heart so I knew, clearly, that this was His path.

As I ponder all the choices, I am thankful that there are still six days left before I have to make a big decision.  It is reassuring knowing that other parents have gone before me and that I am not alone. Other parent’s right now are choosing their path for their children and they don`t have the King of kings living in their heart.  Jeremiah 9:11-12 says it best.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call on Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.`

And in fact, I know He doesn’t only have long-term plans laid out for my children that will prosper them way beyond what I would ever be able to do alone, but He has plans for me and my hubby too. He is only waiting on my prayer. He is waiting to listen to my conversation in the cool of the day.  All I need to do is offer Jesus a prayer from a mother who wants only the best for her children to a heavenly Father who wants only the best for them too.

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