Creation for Dummies  

“But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.” (Luke 12:7)

If God had read the “creation for dummies” book beforehand, He would have learned that the sky would have been much prettier if it was a deeper blue rather than sky blue.  Imagine the grass being a lighter shade of green. Think if we lived in a world where the beaches were pink, the oceans were yellow, and the trees were adorned with sparkling diamonds instead of simply hanging leaves.  If He, the Almighty Creator, had just taken time to put more thought into the creation process, then He would have ensured that cars blew out bubbles instead of exhaust, tobacco products would be non-existent, and those pesky mosquitoes and yucky spiders would not be part of the earth’s ecosystem.

If God had just realized what He was doing, maybe He could have had a trial run — or something. Then every person would be stunningly beautiful.  Zits would not exist. Teeth would be straight and sparkling white. Obesity would consist of a new definition, and all those other imperfections that you wished away this morning would be gone. Instantly.  If only He had read the book on creation first.  Of course, as we know, He would have had to invent the book first.

Hold up for a second.  When you read the first paragraph, I am sure that you were wondering if I had lost my mind.  The world is beautiful so why would anyone want to change it.  Look at the sky. The forever changing beauty of the white clouds floating along against the baby blues.  The grass that smells so sweet when freshly cut – with its lavish rich deep green color.  And pink beaches. Could you imagine trying to get the pink sand stains out of your bathing suits or beach towels?  And just by removing those two species of insects, we would throw off the entire food chain.  Yep, she’s lost it.  That is what you were thinking.

Still, I wonder if you had the same opinion when you read the second paragraph.  More likely, you thought a silent “Amen,” Or maybe, your heart grew a little heavy.  Or maybe, you thought for a moment that someone understood the supposedly “ugly” parts of you.  Did you look in a mirror today or did you avoid it at all costs?  Did you get called beautiful today? Or, did you laugh off a compliment — feeling unworthy?

Well, I have something to say.  And this is something I learned the hard way. In fact, it has taken me 11 months to learn this.  I was driving home from work one night and I kept thinking of a compliment I had gotten that day.  I had just changed my hair color and everybody seemed to think it looked great.  I agreed. But just so you know, I also started thinking of all the other parts that were wrong with me.

Three kids mean I have stretch marks. My teeth are not as white as I would like them. There is that small matter of 20 pounds that I really want to lose – no pun intended.  I wish I could be taller. I wish to have smaller feet. I wish that my nails grew longer more often. And yes, as you can see, this list could go on forever.

But then I got to my laugh. It was here that I heard God say, “I made that laugh.”

This is the same God of the universe who created us in the beginning. This same God spoke to me in one of my darker moments in life. As a woman who felt unworthy and not beautiful, my God did not just speak to me but He cut me off.  He stopped my thinking right there and then.

“I made that laugh,” He said. “I made that laugh.  I made those stretch marks. I shaped those teeth.  I made your feet to fit the shoe size that made you a wonderful human being. In fact, I designed you!”  Even while I was still in my mother’s womb, He was forming me — shaping me into the woman that I have become today. “I praise you Lord because I am fearfully and wonderfully made …you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139)

So, listen up to all those who laughed off that compliment today or, worse yet, avoided the mirror.  YOU HAVE BEEN DESIGNED BY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND HE IS NOT OKAY WITH YOU BASHING HIS WORK!  Did you hear me?  Do you understand me?  Enough is enough.

By continuing in the bondage that states you are not good enough, you are passing on a legacy that tells future generations that “we are unworthy!  We are not beautiful!”

But the scriptures state that when we believe on Jesus, we are no longer in bondage. He sets us free. The same He that made your laugh designed your body too!  Just like a rose with every petal formed from the smallest seed, He made you beautifully in His own image. It was the reminder that I needed to hear. You need to start remembering that message too. Blessings!

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