Deja Vu All Over Again

Deja Vu All Over Again

 “But as for you, continue in what you have learned … and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from a child you have known the holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” (II Timothy 3:14-15)

Have you ever had a moment where you KNOW you are hearing the same thing about your own child, that your parents were told about you???? I have now — on thirteen separate occasions. It happened again last night. Yep, it was parent teacher interview night.


In grade 1, it was cute. My son Keagan is such a sweet boy. He gets along well with everyone But … he is always rushing his work and sometimes, he uses both hands so he can play faster. This is something he needs to work on.


In grade 2, it was still cute. The teachers told me the same thing (as above) but added that he is really great at French (he is in immersion) but quickly added, he needs to read more.


In grade 3, it was a little less cute. Once again, teachers repeated the same commentary I had heard in grade 1 & 2. But this time, he is using just one hand to rush through his work. He also isn’t big on art (apparently not liking to draw or colour is unusual for a male) and yep, he really needs to work on details.


By grade 4, cute is pretty much gone. Yes, I know my child is sweet. I know he gets along with everyone, I even know that the girls like him a little too much (sigh, that’s not supposed to be a problem for another 5 years). Yes, he rushes his work and needs to be neater. No, I have no idea why he hates using details. Oh, and this year we don’t need to focus on reading because (as I knew he would be all along) he is a great reader. He loves books but he really needs to improve his writing.


In grade 5, he started classes in a new school. I was hoping for something different from this Parent Teacher interview primarily because he had no history here. Yeah, nope:/ The only difference this year was that the girls were a little less disruptive (this only lasted a few months) and that the teacher knew he was adjusting to his new surroundings fabulously. But — you guessed it — Keagan still needs to work on details.


In grade 6, the commentary is a little different. I got to listen to a repeat of everything stated above from TWO teachers. Yay me!!!!!! NOT.  Details, they said. He is still not great with details, but his problem is only on paper. His verbal details, as teachers acknowledge would shock you 😉

Twice a year, I sat through the exact same interview for six years. The only thing that changed was the face in front of me. I had really hoped grade 7 would be different. Why? I have no idea as history should have taught me something. So last night, I waited for the teacher, hoping and praying for a different interview. It wasn’t. Lol, my kid is great. He is super sweet. He is nice to everyone but maybe a little too chatty. He is great in class, but he likes to rush his work and … no he doesn’t put out 100%. His written work could be neater and he really needs to work on details. He really likes to read books. His math is great. Perhaps, he should study more.  “Oh, and the language arts teacher would really like you to wait around to meet with her.” She didn’t tell me anything new. Neither did his band teacher but I really didn’t expect that they could add anything to what I already know about my child


In case you don’t know, I spend lots of time with my son. I know him inside and out. Why? Because he is just like ME. When I was in school, the teachers always liked me. I was messy because homework was not on my radar screen (In my mind, I had far better things to do than homework), I loved to read but writing stuff down was painful. Loved math and hated English. Did awesome in French (just regular school stuff) but terrible in art. My locker was messy, I was always disorganized because school was just not my thing.


I’ve tried really hard to make sure Keagan wasn’t like me …lol and sadly, it isn’t working. In my case, I didn’t realize how satisfying getting good marks was until grade 9 (although, I love to read, I never did like English class) because up until then, I did not have good grades. I was never proud of my report card because it was just average. Nothing special. I wasn’t dumb. I just wasn’t interested. And now my son — is just like me.


Still, my son is AMAZING. That means, I will spend the next five years encouraging him to work harder, become more interested in school, and be proud of all his accomplishments. Most of all, I will just continue to love him because after all, I turned out perfectly (with imperfections ;)) and he will as well 🙂

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