Determining My Children’s Future

“Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves those who have it” (Ecclesiastes 7:12)

My oldest is turning five in six more weeks and this means a whole new journey for our family.  On Wednesday night, I was to go for kindergarten registration.  I walked into a school that had miniature seats and miniature desks.  It had tiny toilets, low counters with easy-to-work taps and colours everywhere.  I saw the gym that looked small to me but would be huge to his little eyes and I felt good about it.  I imagined him running through the halls, making friends and learning a whole new language while beginning his elementary education.  The memories will be endless, good and bad.

In having three babies all within 31 months a lot of aspects change as a parent.  In what most parents accomplish in ten to twelve years, I have to accomplish in 4.  In some ways it was easier because there was no readjusting back to the baby stage but in others it was so much more difficult and still can be.  You basically live in a world without sleep, clean clothes, or adult conversation.  If someone offers to help, you take it and run with it because it will be the only reprieve you get… and they may not offer a second time.

You go through stages that never end because, well they literally never end for the next three years.  Once somebody has learned it, it’s going to go through every single child (possibly more then once) before all three finally forget it.  Don’t worry though because once it’s forgotten there is a new one already under works.  Boredom is definitely not a problem!  You watch other people teaching their young babies sign language, colours, and food nutrition, and you just hope they all survive and nobody gets forgotten!

This day was thought about a thousand times.  In most of those thoughts it was more like a dream because I never really thought we would make it this far, and yet, we have arrived.  Kindergarten registration!  I filled out the forms, copied the birth certificate and spoke to his future teacher, all the while being totally amazed that what I had dreamed about in those endless nights, the lifeline that someday they would get older and it WOULD get easier, was here!  I will be honest and there was a tinge of sadness, it was small, but for a moment it popped in.  It was quickly banished away when I realized my big man was going to go on his first school bus ride!  That’s going to be AWESOME!

It will be a big change for our family dynamic come September.  Bennet will be gone to kindergarten and Zachary will be off to pre-Kindergarten.  Oliver will actually have some one on one time with me, that has never happened, and the boys will begin their journey into school.  It’s going to be a very exciting year for us!


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