Doing It Backwards

“All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” (II Timothy 3:16)

Moms are busy.  It’s a statement few parents will argue with.  I am not suggesting that dads aren’t but I can only speak from the perspective of a mom.  Being a mom requires more than just a physical busy.  Moms have to be emotionally, mentally, and physically busy too.  Do you know what I am not busy with?  Unfortunately, I tend not to be ”spiritually” busy.

I went to a class last night that my church offers.  They are developing a Faith at Home course to teach parents how to become spiritual leaders in their home.  What a concept!  They have milestones in which to help parents and because my kids are toddlers, we are starting on milestone 1.

The recommendation for the first milestone is that you “faith talk” with your little ones.  This means praying with them and reading to them about our Lord. Often, it is a challenge to find ways to do this with little children like mine so they sent home a list of recommended books.  Some of these books cite activities to work on, some are devotions, and some are just parenting books to help learn how to teach little ones about God.  They all require the individual committing to faith talk principles  to be spiritually busy.

So! Where in the world am I going to find the time?  The house needs to be organized. There are toys to disinfect, diapers to change, laundry to fold, supper to make, dishes to be done, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping,  grocery shopping, homework, letters to send, mail to sort, bills to pay, phone calls to be made, and yes, you guessed it, the list is never ending.

Guess what?  You are doing it wrong.  I am doing it wrong.  We are doing it wrong. Our list is upside down.  We aren’t supposed to “find time” for the Lord.  We are supposed to desire Him as #1. From that perspective, nothing should be done until we have taken the time to pray and read our Bible.  This might mean getting up a little earlier or preparing a snack the night before but the first action of the day should include devotion with our kids.  Admittedly, making this happen won’t be easy but it will be worth it and eventually, if we follow the well known 30 day analogy, devotions and reading the Bible will become routine.

Yes, this still might mean that I am a mom who is physically exhausted at the end of the day but I truly believe that I will never be emotionally exhausted if I put God first.  I will never be spiritually exhausted if I start my day with the Lord who created me.  I recognize that to be successful, I need to be committed but He is so faithful to us that if we take the time — if we will just turn our lists upside down for a moment and be the mom who puts God first — and then demonstrates to our kids that collectively, God needs to be our first thought of the day, then I believe our day will go much better. So, in moving forward, I believe we need to make Him our heart’s desire so that our children also recognize the importance of placing Him at the top of their list.

Oh, and if you decide to do this with me – to put God at the beginning of your day too – will you please pray for me?  Pray that I will remember to do this and that I will continue to make the effort to be spiritually busy.  I will also be praying for you, my blog readers, that you – along with me – will make this our most important new priority.


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