Embracing Life Like a 4 Year Old

Embracing life like a 4 Year Old

“This [is] the day [which] the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalms 118:24)

Her blue eyes are shining. Her long brown hair is flying everywhere. Most of all, she hasn’t stopped talking or dancing since she walked through my door. The first words out of her mouth were “It’s my birthday Marion.” Yes, my pretty Miss Maddy is four today :):) In our house, birthdays mean smiles and giggles and of course, birthday cake. She wants chocolate with pink icing and purple flowers (but she told me it’s okay if I can’t get the flowers to work to make balloons instead;)). With her leggings pulled up to her knees and her crazy pink ‘sunglasses’ on, she is totally herself — unique, amazing, beautiful, and special. This little girl will definitely hold a piece of my heart forever ❤

If only we could wish all embrace life like this brand new four year old. Wake up with a smile and forget about all of life’s troubles. How awesome would our days be then???? A smile to start the day can make even the worst day beautiful. Sadly, I don’t think we give as much thought to our smile as we do our frowns. For example, we are quick to state it’s Monday, or it’s raining. Or even, I woke up late, the kitchen is a mess, the car won’t start, it’s snowing, and if that isn’t quite enough, the kids are fighting again. All of these things tend to bring us down.

But what if — just like Miss Maddy — we instead woke up with a smile. Happy to be ALIVE and able to make a conscious choice not to let the frowns take away your smile. Wouldn’t life be different? Wouldn’t we be hopeful and at peace?

Indeed, life is too short to not smile. Even in the saddest of days, there is always something to laugh about. Today, I am smiling because a Monday means a fresh new week. My monkeys are happy. I get to bake a chocolate birthday cake with purple and pink flowers — yes, life should come with a birthday cake guarantee ;)). Today I know I am surrounded by the love and innocence of wonderful children, and I have been given a choice to make this day a happy one.

No, it might not be a perfect day in every sense of the world of perfection, but this day, I intend to live like I just turned four again — because then if the day is not perfect it will still be awesome ❤

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