Family Time

In my husband’s family, there are seven grandchildren.  All of these grandchildren collectively are four years of age and under.  We consider them to be our very own baby boom. And yes, they are a blessing.  Well, we all got together for supper today and took great pleasure knowing that all of these little kids together were having fun running around.  Listening to their screams of delight — and at one point terror — added to the ambience. It was also edifying to hear adult’s laugh over their antics.

In fact, it always amazes me to watch how children interact with adults.  There is such an open and honest trust that emanates from the child that even I as a Mom of three young boys struggle to understand.  For example, watching a child sit on a swing and trust the adult pushing the swing behind them, or watching children climbing to the top of the slide, believing with all their hearts that mom or dad is waiting at the bottom to catch them.

This trust factor becomes even more prominent when one witnesses a child venturing down the stairs.  If you have ever watched a toddler go down the stairs alone, then you too have seen the caution that a child puts into each step.  It is a long process and every move is calculated and carefully thought through.  But then watch this same toddler go down the set of stairs holding a parent’s hand and their journey down the steps takes on a new dimension. In fact, when I hold my little one’s hand going down the stairs, he happily jumps down onto each step and sometimes, even attempts to run down them.  That one little hand holding onto mine – trusting me for everything – encompasses such a bond of trust and truth that it really makes a parent think about the overall concept of parenting.

This is what I believe Jesus meant when he said in Matthew 19:14 to suffer the little children come unto Him.  Children show such child-like faith in all that they do. And they really do believe in their hearts that mom and dad, aunt or uncle, grandma or grandpa is going to make sure that someone is there to catch them if they venture too far.  This is the lesson that I am learning at this point in my life.

In our adult life, we can make decisions and hope that it is right or by faith. We can take life steps slowly and with caution, calculating error percentiles, worrying about every step that is coming next,  holding on tight to that hand rail or we can take that leap of faith like kids do, believing in our hearts that God is going to take our hand and show us the way.  The latter is what I am trying to do.

And although at times the process isn’t always easy, I am learning to take the answers to prayer that have been given to me – trusting fully that by taking the steps I feel are right, He will take care of the rest.

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