Grace for the Pearly Whites

Grace for the Pearly Whites

“Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.” (Psalm 127:3-5)

My job has it’s perks. I am home all day. My hours can be flexible. I don’t typically work weekends and statutory holidays which means I can arrange special things to do with my family. But this week, I have to admit the bad is outweighing the good :/ Most of my kids are three and four years of age, but I also have one full time and two part time babies. All three are teething. Let me say this — as a Mom, I despise teething.

Teething has meant three cranky babies — running noses non stop — drool as in copious amounts of drool. The naps that usually allow for a short break are no longer lasting long enough. Oh, and the poops are also continuous exploding through the disposable diapers. On this latter observation, I am not sure why there is so much poop because it is a non stop fight to get food into these babies in the first place. Even my cookie addicted baby who loves cookies won’t eat cookies!!!!!  I have given one baby a sink bath every day this week. I have gone through an entire package of wipes. I don’t even want to speak about the one tiny load of laundry I used to have — sigh — all because of teeth.

But they are not all getting the same teeth. One of these babies is getting molars and eye teeth. He is sixteen months old. Another baby has four bottom teeth and two top teeth, with teeth pushing through her gums all over her little mouth. She will be one year old in January. The last baby will be one this week. He also has molars coming in. So yes, there are LOTS of teeth which is making my week crazy.

My question is this. Why are teeth so painful??????? It’s not like it will make these kids grow into more productive human beings … lol! They will not even remember this teething nightmare 😉  I don’t remember my son having any of these problems while teething. He might have had cranky moments with cute red cheeks but he never had diapers exploding everywhere. The good news is that I do know this teething session will end soon — both for them and me. Until then, I will love the toothy baby grins that shine through even sometimes. In the interim, I will pray for God’s goodness and grace that is more than sufficient to keep my babies happy and content the rest of the time.

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