Home Sweet Home :)

Home sweet home:)

About four years ago, Doug and I started an adventure. We decided to sell his house and buy a house that was ours. This adventure started on MLS…we had chosen an area, now we had to find a house.

We knew we wanted at least 3 bedrooms, a large yard and lots of character….in the form of the house not being your typical split entry or bungalow. A garage would be awesome, as would a paved driveway….it also needed a place for my playroom that didn’t interfere with our every day lives.

The task should be easy…..right???? It wasn’t. There were the renovations to our house…..kitchen, bathroom, windows, new flooring, landscaping and the whole house needed painting. This was a huge undertaking but once we spent weeks decluttering and packing every extra thing up (and putting it in storage) it was much easier to complete. Our house was ready, so we put it on the market and started our search.

The first home we fell in love with was an older home. It had a huge kitchen but was lacking in cupboards, a problem solved with the big pantry hidden in back. There were two huge front rooms, a library and a bathroom with a walk in shower as well on the main level. After travelling up a beautiful staircase, you found four bedrooms of various sizes, another bathroom with a freestanding soaker tub, and a surprise second staircase that lead down to the kitchen. It was beautiful and the price was perfect……sadly, it needed work and a lot of that was structural so we walked away.

The next house was pretty cool but it wasn’t as big as we wanted. It was only two bedrooms but it had been fully renovated and needed very little updating. It had two huge buildings outside and it was just up the road from some of our best friends. It’s problem was that it was just to much money. It was priced like the first house we saw but half the size. So we kept looking.

The third house I fell in love with. A beautiful kitchen with an island and an attached three season porch. A second screened in porch with it’s own hot tub. A den, a huge livingroom, a gorgeous front porch that looked out towards the water. It had 3 perfect size bedrooms, all with walk in closets. Two bathrooms and a fully finished basement. The basement was made for us, it had built in cupboards for toys, DVDs and Christmas decorations. A workshop for Doug. It had apple trees and pear trees and grape vines for the backyard. Everything was perfect…..except the price. The owners were just not willing to go any lower and we just felt like it was priced a bit out of our budget. So the search continued.

Once our house sold we knew we had to find another. So we found two…..it was tough to pick the right one. They both had three bedrooms, they both had garages, they both had tons of character. One was bigger then the other but we loved both equally…….in the end we choose the bigger house because it was a little less in the country.

And then as a fluke I checked MLS one more time. I wanted to make sure we were buying a home that was priced right…..it was a total fluke but I came across one more house. It was the same price but something about it (a little voice in my head) told me to email our agent. Doug told me to stop, we had our house…..I listened to that little voice instead.

It was an older home, 3 bedrooms, open concept kitchen/livingroom, only 1 bathroom, a den and it was unique. Wood floors and ceilings on both floors, a huge addition on the back with cathedral ceilings, big bright windows and stainless steel appliances, perfect. The agent messaged me saying the house had just been relisted as the people who were supposed to buy it ended up not having their finances come through……we were the first people to see it. One step in the door and I knew it….we found our forever home. We put in an offer as soon as we finished our walk through, and by as soon as, I mean Doug left in the agents car and went straight to the office with him.

It needed some work for it to be perfect, like a new roof and the front porch fixed but it has been home right from the day they handed us the keys.

Three years ago tomorrow, we signed the papers. I have only had one complaint…..lol….that is that the odd mouse keeps finding it’s way inside (apparently this is because I live next to a wheat field) but other then once in the basement, I’ve never seen a live one….well there was the shoe incident, but that’s a different post;))

Our house is a blessing from God!!!! It was exactly what we were looking for and it arrived at the exact moment when we needed it:)

Isaiah 32:18 
My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.

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