Ice Time Struggles

Ice Time Struggles

 “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in the house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deut. 6:7)

Hockey moms know that everything changes when hockey season begins!!!! I suspect this year will not be any different. We played our first exhibition game as a team over the weekend and won 2-1 — yay   My son got the first goal, after having many chances to score on net before a puck finally went in!!!! It was during this same game that he also got his first injury, sigh! But that’s all part of the game — right????? WRONG.

Hockey fans know that fights among players occur regularly in the higher competitive levels. And that, yes, admittedly, many of us enjoy them ) We also know that hockey players can get hurt, regardless of their age and team level. BUT as hockey moms, we also know that if the kids are taught to play the game properly, injuries can be few and far between. It is here that I begin.

In my son’s case, he was skating after the puck along the boards when another player (bigger than him) came up and hit him in the head with his shoulder. Then and there, my son was down on the ice. That ended his first game. He left the ice in tears, with a sore neck and the marked beginning of a headache. During this initial assessment, one bad move in his body could cost him weeks or months of ice time. He was fortunate. Advil and bed rest (mixed with enormous faith and prayer) and his pain went away.


So here I am, days later, sitting at our first 6 am practice. I actually don’t mind being up early (as long as hubby follows the rules and only wakes me up at 5 … this morning he didn’t). I find it’s much easier to fit in an early ice time than to have the same practice scheduled at 6 pm. There are a couple of reasons for this.


At that time in the morning, the rink is mostly empty. Not many parents stay for practice. Me? I like watching how the players get better throughout the season and one can definitely see these achievements during hockey practice. The kids never seem to mind getting all sweaty and gross before going to school — lol. I figure it’s a boy thing :/ Plus, this is our third year of early mornings so for us the routine has become manageable.


The rush to get home, get ready for school and make sure the kids are on the bus on time is a bit more frantic … lol, but at least this year I’m doing rink time without having the kids I babysit dropped off here.


Seriously, I’m not sure what this hockey season will bring. I am hoping for at least a few wins, no more injuries, lots of learning and heaps of fun because this is what hockey is supposed to be about. I hope the kids learn to become good friends, to watch each other’s back while simultaneously watching the puck. Most of all, I hope as players, they learn the importance of team. Like other parents, I want each and every one of them to become better skaters, better puck handlers, better shooters, better blockers because if they are always getting better, it means they are learning. And learning is the best skill anyone can have.


In this capacity, I have always tried to teach my son that one can never learn enough, whether it is about the things he excels at, or, alternatively, those he might struggle with. And that by allowing oneself to get better at what they do, will ultimately make him a better person in the long run.


If I am successful teaching my son these simple messages, I can be at peace as I sit at the rink, enjoying my peppermint hot chocolate (rinks aren’t exactly warm at 6am ) and taking in the quiet (well, except for the sounds of blades on ice and pucks hitting boards). And inherently, I can know that whatever this hockey season brings, I can trust in the Lord to be our one constant — because in all of this, He never fails.

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