If I Trusted God the Way I Trusted My GPS

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” (Psalms 32:8)

I’m new to this town and with a Shoppers Drug Mart on every second corner I find it hard to figure out where I am.  I should also mention that I have the worst sense of direction. In fact, I have no concept of which direction I am going.  So with all that said, my GPS is labelled with things like home, church, my hubby’s work, box stores, groceries …  and so on.  When I actually get to where I am going, I drop the pin and label it so next time I can just search it.  The latter has also helped cut my gas mileage.

I never second guess the GPS.  She tells me that in 450 meters I am going to turn right, so I signal, get into the right lane and turn right.  I never doubt its accuracy or suspect that it will not guide me to where I want to be.  Even better, it will tell me what time I will arrive (and to a person who likes specifics that is a dream come true!)

The scriptures state that faith as small as a mustard seed will move mountains but I can tell you that I don’t trust God in the way I trust my GPS.  Often, I second guess God.  At church on Sunday the pastor asked if any members of the congregation would admit they are living their life 100% for Christ.  Not a single hand was raised.  Nobody could because to make this type of confession publicly would be inaccurate.  There is always a part of us that wants to hold back — a sliver of ourselves that we are not sure if we can really live without.  To trust God and to live for Him 100% is not easy but it is the ultimate goal of our Christian walk.

Some might say though that God is not as easy as a GPS.  That is true in the sense that we will not always get an immediate and clear direction from God. Nevertheless, we have been given a choice to follow His path.  We always have an opportunity to take His direction even when we can’t always hear a crystal clear voice — like the GPS.  He has already given us direction in His Word.  It is clearly spelled out for us to become like Him. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give to the poor, love our neighbour, teach our kids, respect our spouse, and obey your parents, etc.

My prayer tonight is that I will begin to trust Jesus using the same kind of faith that I put in my GPS.  I will use His Word for my directions. I will follow His lead.  I will listen for His whisper in my heart and I will believe that He will get me to where I need to go.  Why? Because I have found that He is way more faithful than my GPS. And if I give Him that kind of simple child like faith, I know that the road He will lead me along will be awesome!

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