It’s All In the Perspective 

Perspective.  We have all been told, at one point or another, that the very thing we are complaining about might be the same thing someone else is praying for.  This is true in most cases.  I complain about my kids but know that while I do, there are women who would happily live my worst mommy moment over and over again if it meant they could experience the joy of having children.  I have complained about the way food tasted but there are real people out there regularly eating from a garbage can.  So for me, I have decided that it is all in our perspective whether we will find a blessing or distress this day.

Throughout the Bible, we learn that Jesus taught in parables.  There is no direct reason given as to why He did this but I believe it is because it adds an alternative perspective to His teachings. This is where the lesson is learned.  There are times when you will read certain passages of the Bible and nothing will really stand out.  Then there will come a time that you come across those same scriptural passages again later and it is as though God wrote them directly for you.

Have you ever been sitting in the church service and suddenly felt like the speaker is talking directly to you?  Or, have you ever read a Bible verse posted on facebook and just felt that God was trying to let you know He was there?

The Bible doesn’t change.  The scripture is still the same as when it was written thousands of years ago.  It is our perspective that has taught us to view the verse(s) as different.  There are times when I search for a Bible verse that will give me peace, encouragement or hope.  I have verses that are my favourites (and hold meaning every time I read them) and then there are verses that stand out to me only during certain points of my life.

Today, my prayer is for perspective.  If we, as a people, could grasp a perspective on life that enables us to be Kingdom thinkers, then I believe as a consequence, our life experiences would change.  More importantly, though, I believe that we would be able to read the Bible with a whole new understanding.

It is in this context that I am praying for perspective … so that when I read the Bible, I will no longer be reading the Word from just my single minded perspective but rather from the perspective of a Kingdom thinker.

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