Learning How to Be a Team

Learning how to be a team

It seemed like it would be a simple weekend, a ball tournament….3 games on Saturday and one for sure on Sunday. The kids were ready, but it turned out that is was going to be more complicated then thought.

Game times were at 11, 1 and 5….perfect, play two games and then go get a bite to eat, come back and play game three. My first mistake was believing the games would go as scheduled….my second, was being surprised when they didn’t.

The first game to be played ran late……by 47 minutes. So game one for us started at 11:50…..it ended at 2:50. Three hours. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if the sun was out. It wasn’t. It was cold…..11 degrees with a north wind blowing, it felt like 8. I sat with two sweaters and a blanket…..I’ve never taken a blanket to hockey. It was dusting rain, ALL DAY….the misty kind….it sucked. Three hours, it would get better…..RIGHT?!?!?!

Game two started two hours and fifteen minutes late…..at 3:15 it was game time. I was pretty sure I was eating over bbq’d burgers from the canteen for lunch….and supper. This game only lasted two hours…..but because there were two teams who just played five hours of baseball…..we were not playing til 6. Sigh:/

I really shouldn’t complain, really, I was wrapped in a blanket in a chair and the kids were out in the field freezing. Game three lasted almost two and a half hours. We were at the ball field for TEN hours yesterday. The kids had a forty five minute break, for the whole day. I was never so happy to finally get home as I was last night.

Despite our -1 run differential, we finished day one in fourth place…..one win, two losses…..but the games were close. The kids played really awesome, and were excited for day two.

This morning started warmer, calm winds and without rain……so it was going to be better, I knew it;)

Each of the 12 kids on our team was at the field for 10:05….ten minutes early, for our 11am game. They were READY. Yesterday didn’t matter anymore, it was all about today.

From the moment the first pitch was thrown, Keagans team was in the lead……they were confident. They played a mostly flawless game. At the end, we won 9-2….we had some very happy boys;) We survived some drama over bat size in the first inning (it included some very unnecessary comments from parents) but I think our kids played better because of it.

The final was due to begin at 1 but of course it started at two….lol….really, after all four games we played started late, we expected it. The burgers were better on day two……the weather was better….and the kids were pretty amazing. The baseball was incredible…..seriously!!!!

The final game was tied at 1 until the fifth inning….a pitcher change brought the other team ahead by three. We got one back but ended up losing 4-2 to the host team. All in all…..the weekend was a major success, because those twelve boys figured out how to play as a team:)

Ephesians 4:16
From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

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