Making a Difference Unbeknownst to Us

Making A Difference Unbeknownst to Us

I’m sitting here at home watching one of my all time favourite movies. This movie is a biographical historical drama,with a superb cast and an extremely detailed and accurate depiction of the British empire in the latter half of the nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries.  I am referring to the movie “Gandhi”and more specifically elements of South Africa, and largely India. I can tell from the movie that this is a very interesting time in the history of British colonialism. The sun truly never set on the mighty empire then. Victoria still sat on her throne in all her humble splendour, ruling over her vast possessions with a stern but fair hand.

This was obviously a time when the “haves” had a lot, and the “have-nots” had nothing. The wealthy and upper classes lived in palatial homes — in homes quite literally fit for a king. Anybody that has toured Casa Loma in Toronto can attest to this. During this time, there was no such thing as “politically correct”. The pecking order was well defined, and as such, one had better know their place.There were miles between the top and bottom tiers of the white race, but light years between the guilded ones and the darker colonial races in the empire.

It was into this turbulent and exciting time that Gandhi was born. From a small village in India,this great man was born. Schooled in India and England he emerged as an attorney in 1891. After a short, unsuccessful stint at practicing law in India, he set out for South Africa. It is herein that I’m going to change the gist of the topic at this point. I am going to talk about the man that Gandhi became as a result of the degrading treatment he was subject to in South Africa, before subsequently back in India.

This was a great man of peace, the likes the world had not seen since our own Saviour, Jesus the Christ walked the green fields of this earth. This man walked in the footprints of Jesus. He advocated a strict rule of non-violence, even in the face of horrific brutality. He brought about monumental change, freeing India from the yoke of British rule, and indeed,the gradual fall of the British empire.  To think that this man from a little village in India could have such an impact on the world is quite an amazing thing. Throughout history,most of the men who ascended to the lofty heights of fame that Gandhi sat upon, did so through wars and violent conquest. Not so Gandhi. Even so, there was One even greater than Ghandi.

“A Lord who was completely innocent, offered Himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including His enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act.” Yes,  Jesus set the example for all mankind to follow. Gandhi just came along and reminded us of this fact. God bless.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.“ (Matthew 5:9)

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