Moms – We All Have Them

Moms — We All Have Them

Moms … we all have them. Some are awesome,  others are not quite so good and many have a mom that falls somewhere in the middle. My mom — she is crazy. Not nuts crazy, just busy crazy ) I have a feeling most people think I am the very same kind of crazy, lol … as like her, I am always on the go!!!

Most of my childhood, I think she had five jobs … seriously. At times, I am not even sure that she slept!!!

She had a fish store (not a pet store but the kind where you bought fish for supper and ordered fancy seafood platters). She ran her own cleaning business. She delivered Avon (not an Avon lady but the truck driver who delivers the huge boxes to the Avon ladies). She drove a school bus. She even watched kids at home when I was very young (I don’t remember this though).

On top of all those jobs, she raised five kids. She made sure we went to church, were well fed (but no, baby clams DO NOT taste like ground beef when put in spaghetti sauce ) But she also made sure we had time to get to know our extended family, that we got to do fun stuff, that we always knew to fight for what we believed in and that we always had what we needed:)

My mom hasn’t changed much now that her kids are all grown up. She still has a zillion things on the go and I am pretty sure she still doesn’t sleep (unlike her, I love my sleep ) I know all the things she taught us as kids is stuff she is teaching her grand kids. Still, because of her new work focus, the grand darlings (as she would call them) are lucky enough to not need to learn how to thaw 15 lb boxes of frozen shrimp keeping the tails intact … yes, box after box after box for them seafood platters.

Thanks mom for everything you have taught us … believe it or not we did listen … I love you<3

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