My Creative Streak Surfaces

Facebook is a wonderful tool that I constantly use to keep my friends and family up to date with my life and that of my children.  I am always uploading pictures or stories of our day and most of the time I get commentary back.  Its quick simple and I phones make it so very easy.  One day, my mom tells me I need to start blogging.  No THANK YOU!  Why would I want to blog?  I don’t even read blogs so I didn’t know anything about how to start writing one.  The other point is that I really didn’t (and still don’t) feel my life is interesting enough for someone to actually read about.

Well, obviously I have started blogging mainly because my mom wouldn’t let up on me. Later, it also became a source of income.  With three little monsters, every little bit helps.  I think my mom also believes if I am making money by blogging then I am not out looking for work to escape my children.  She seems to think I should relish being a stay at home mom.  If you knew me, you would realize how crazy it sounds for me to be a SAHM.

So this is the way my life works and trust me, it isn’t glamorous or brilliant.  Every morning is different.  Sometimes, my day starts with quiet (read the “silence” blog) and sometimes my day starts with three children jumping on me. Or, even worse, the dreaded sound of Rice Krispies snap, crackling and popping on my kitchen floor.  Then the day is about getting dressed.  This is a dreadful task and consists of a lot of chasing and growling. It’s pretty much like trying to get a cat into the bathtub.

Once the kids are dressed and fed, housecleaning comes next.  I like CLEAN!  My kids, on the other hand, LOVE mess!  So this routine just basically continues the whole entire day! Throughout, there is crying, yelling, snuggling, toys being strewn across my house, somebody is going to get hurt, something is going to get broken and yes, there will be food in my hair.  Eventually, bed time comes and depending on how the day went is how long the bedtime routine lasts.  At 8:00, all of my kids are snuggled into their beds and life as I know it settles. If it’s been a decent day, then at this time my house will look pretty good and I will get to just sit.  If not, well, you probably don’t want to know.

It is here that the snapshots of my day race through my mind and an idea for a blog will form.  It only takes a small tidbit really, add a little bit of humour/tears/rant depending on the day and suddenly I have written a blog.  Then I read it once more to make sure that it is decent and I send it off by email.

This is where the magic happens!  It is quite amazing really (and bless her heart we really do love this side of our mom).  She reads my blog.  Then she changes the grammar to make sure I didn’t go crazy with commas, inserts the correct verbs, changes all my “it’s” to the correct way, and then makes sure my sentence structure is correct.  This is where most editors stop.

But my mom is a one-of-a-kind-loves-to-be-grammatically-correct kind of mama.  I am 99% positive she has six different thesaurus apps on her phone.  She reads my blog again — this time a little slower.  Then she finds my boring words that only took four plain old letters in the alphabet and suddenly in its place appears this super long, intelligent sounding, “never actually used” in the English language word.  Once she finishes this, she reads the blog one more time to make sure she didn’t miss any of the “boring” or “plain” words. But then – just in case — she takes one more stab at it to make sure it would get the ‘A’ grade (if not the ‘A+’ grade) from any English teacher on this earth.

She then sends the blog off to be posted onto this beautiful website called Son Shine Scoop. She will text me to tell me she loved my blog but she made a few ‘edits.’  I always smile at these texts because I know somewhere in the blog I sent her there will be words I didn’t know existed. I also know that I will be calling her later to find out what these same words mean.

This very blog that you are reading right now will be/has been edited and changed from its original form.  It will be grammatically correct and will sound so much more pristine than I could ever make one sound.  Any spelling errors will be fixed. My message delivered and posted with clarity and precision. However, don’t be intimidated when you read my blogs.

They just have a little extra heart put into them by a woman whose passion is English literature and just sees the beauty in words.  Also know that I speak the truth when I say there is food in my hair. Even as I wrote this very blog to humour mom, my two year old crawled on me, gave me a booger filled kiss (thankfully on my cheek) and has dumped his food on the floor.

In essence, we really are just “ordinary” people – although I often think the others who write blogs for Son Shine Scoop are probably horrified at the thought of being in the same category as me. Thanks mom for always raising the bar! This has been a good day!


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