My Mother’s Day Blog

My Mother’s Day Blog

By Regular Contributor Marion

I read a post yesterday where the poster was complaining about how over commercialized Mother’s Day has become…..I was kind of shocked, lol as it was written by a mom. She said all she wanted was a day where she didn’t have to cook or clean, she didn’t need fancy gifts or flowers…..I think she lied.

I’m not the kind of person who goes crazy about gifts for any occasion….Christmas, Easter and birthdays are always special but not extravagant….but on Mother’s Day, yes I want, maybe even expect, the day to be about me. I don’t need fancy gifts, nor do I need crazy expensive flowers…..I don’t even mind doing most of the cooking.

As a mom (and even a wife) I give every single day to my family. My whole world revolves around making their lives happier. I cook, clean, work, become a taxi, support, cheer…..all without (most of the time anyway;)) complaint. Every few weeks, I take an evening out with my friends for dinner…..but my family always has supper ready before I go….so yes, I want one day a year that focuses on me.

It’s not about being selfish, it’s because even though we should show love for our moms every day, let’s face it…..sometimes we, like our kids and spouses do, forget to do it. We forget to tell them we love them, we forget to do something nice for them, we forget to appreciate them……so yes, mom deserves a day to be about her, without complaint.

The reality is that, if we don’t cook or clean on Mother’s Day….our bank accounts get emptier and we have twice as much housework to do tomorrow. So clean your house, make your own breakfast (but get lunch or supper out;)) and ask for some flowers (carnations are cheap and beautiful) to brighten your day…..they will last about a week, so you will feel loved each time you look at them. Ask for something you can wear or use every day to remind yourself on those days your family takes advantage of you, that they really do love you. Put on a movie your family loves and go for that long bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine, if you want.

Just never ever EVER say you don’t want anything for Mother’s Day because you deserve it……your family gets you 364 days of the year, let them give YOU back one day. Macaroni necklaces, paper flowers, handprint ornaments are awesome……but be a little selfish too. It’s not wrong….you know you do it for Father’s Day and your kids birthdays… teach your kids (and spouse if needed) to spoil YOU.

One day of the year, it’s only one day…..let go of the controls and let your family spoil you and if they don’t get it, teach them why you DESRVE it. I grew up knowing one day a year was all about my mom, we always took her out to eat and a trip to the greenhouses……lol, it might not have always been what she wanted but it was all for her;)

So to all the moms out there…..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY……you are special and important, the population would not exist if not for you….enjoy this one day, tomorrow everyone will forget why you are so special;)

Keep your love for one another at full strength, because love covers a multitude of sins.I Peter 4:8

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