One, Two, Three and Four …

“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one member’s one of another.” (Romans 12:5)

On Sunday, our church had a fundraiser for the Philippines.  Every third Sunday of the month, we do a “café” at church to allow people to socialize when the church service is over.  This week’s café was the catalyst for the fundraiser.  You could buy a meal for $5 (that was so delicious), dessert for $1.50, and then pop or water for an additional $1.00.  For five of us to enjoy a luncheon meal, it cost (rounded up) approximately $40.  Again, the funds received went towards the Philippine’s disaster relief fund.  The thing that also made this fundraiser extra special was that it was hosted by some of the Philippine families who attend our church.

Sometimes, we miss the point of what we are doing or the underlying purpose when we attend  a fundraiser. But when you actually see the families of the people we are helping serve the food, the message definitely hits home.  These people had friends who were adversely affected by this natural disaster and they were very grateful for the financial support of the church family.

It was also encouraging to see that they ran out of food.  When you are doing a fundraiser, being sold out is definitely a positive.  The food was delicious, and we got to socialize with some friends of ours at the same time.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience for us.

Yesterday, this is the message that the church posted on their facebook site. It is worth sharing:

A big THANK YOU to all who came out to support our brothers and sisters in need at the Fundraiser for Typhoon Relief in the Philippines! It was a great success! Together we raised in excess of $4000! We will send the funds to John Paniza’s church in the Philippines where they will administer help to families devastated by the typhoon. Thank you!

My $40.00 was not a big contribution.  It was what we would have paid had we went to MacDonald’s and half of what we would have paid had we ventured to Boston Pizza.  But with the donations of other people too, God multiplied my little contribution by 100 fold!  This is what being a part of the body of Christ is all about.

I have made a couple of donations to this relief effort before, and most people do, especially when it is such a big news item.  But if it hadn’t been for my church then I wouldn’t have donated these additional funds.  I honestly wouldn’t have really thought about the relief efforts again as I haven’t been seeing it addressed much in the news lately.  In my mind, the disaster was all but forgotten.  Being a part of the church (the body), though I was able to participate in a way that would bless so many people.  $4000 is a considerable size chunk that will definitely put a dent into helping people over there.

Most of all, I am blessed and thankful that God has placed us in this church.  The people are amazing and I truly feel His Spirit working here.  Being a part of the body though is not just about giving money.  I encourage you to find a way to participate in your community — either locally or nationally — through your church gatherings.  If your church does not do a lot of outreach, then find a way to participate directly yourself.

God will use your offering — whatever you can afford to donate — and like that little donation of ours, He will multiply it tenfold and more. Why? Because when members of the body of Christ work together, big things happen.


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