James 5:13
Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

Do you remember the commercials on tv about things being priceless?? You know the one where he says….camera $20, gas to get there $50, cost of hotel $150, the look on his face when he sees his best friend for the first time in a year…..priceless. For me, I had that experience last night.

It rained all day. I had a full house of kids, who didn’t seem to ever want to go home. We were over an hour late leaving, but our journey was about to begin….

The bridge toll….$45
Taking a day off work…..(I don’t even want to think about it;))
The cost of the extra night’s ticket (times 3)…..I didn’t care
Getting to see Jeremy Camp, LIVE, praise and worship JESUS…..PRICELESS!!!!

The weather wasn’t ideal for day one of the first ever, East to West festival…..and not ideal at all for the end of June. Rain up to 45mm fell….the wind blew in from the north. There was mud…..ankle deep mud, the kind that wants to steal your shoes mud. I’d do it all over again in a second.

The crowd wasn’t huge, so we got pretty close to the stage. We could have got closer but there was a huge deep puddle dividing the people in front of us with the people in front of them……and I was ok standing in mud but not water, lol;) It didn’t matter though, from the first bang on the drum….I was all in..

I’ve never been to a live concert before……it was pretty awesome. Singing songs most people preserve for church, with hundreds of strangers….praising Jesus with every part of myself, feeling the music….pretty incredible.

I already knew Jeremy Camp’s story, I read his book last year. He grew up living by faith, he watched his first wife go to be with Jesus after four and a half months of marriage, he struggled to get back on track…..but he did it. He reminds me of my youngest brother… eyes and all, lol….so when the chance came to see him preform, I grabbed it.

Jesus, did something in that wet cold field last night. He was everywhere. His love for us, could be felt all night. Our faith in him was obvious…..the worship was amazing.

I can’t wait to see what happens today…….but whatever it is, I know none of us will go home the same as we left;)

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