Pssghetti and Peanut Butter Balls!!!!

 Pssghetti and Peanut Butter Balls!!!!

“Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child.” (Psalm 131:2)

This last week has been the longest week EVER. It all started with a trip off island last Saturday to Costco. I left home at 7 in the morning, driving two hours and nineteen minutes to shop. I was with my dad. Between the two of us, we filled three carts. Needless to say, we spent LOTS of money before driving home. I was home by 2. I unloaded the car and then headed back to town for groceries. Yes, I know what you are thinking already.  Why is it that I still have to grocery shop after shopping at Costco???? Lol because some things just can’t be bought in bulk;)

After grocery shopping and a quick trip to Canadian Tire for a visor for my son’s hockey helmet, we came home. In essence, the day was over once supper was cooked and the dishes cleaned up. Why are weekends only two days???? Okay, okay, I digress.

But then Sunday turned out to be an equally busy day. Breakfast, house cleaning, showers, lunch, another trip to Canadian tire to get a different visor (grrrrrr) and then off to hockey for 3:30. I was home at 6 but by the time I made supper and cleaned up, it was time for bed. My weekend was over. This time I am not digressing. Tell me again why weekends are only two days????

By Monday, I should have realized it was going to be the start of a crazy insane and yes busy week. It was cold and windy and I had running around to do.  So I bundled up a 4yr old, two 3yr olds and a 10 month old and away we went. Our first stop was Canadian Tire — to return the visor that still did not fit the helmet (By now, I wasn’t a happy camper, or in this case a happy hockey mom;)). I then tried to meet up with a friend but our timing was off. So, I dropped her chocolate chips off with her hubby and off I went to find mine.

By now, I had managed to break six fingernails — nails that ironically, I had admired just a few hours earlier because they were finally growing in nicely and not splitting — while buckling and unbuckling car seats and seatbelts. I finally caught up with my husband, gave him his coffee, and went in search of a visor. I found one. I dropped off my son’s helmet to have the visor put on (because I was not fighting with a third one) along with skates to be sharpened. Grabbing the tags, I went off again in search of my husband so that he could use the tags to pick up the helmet and skates later in the day. The morning was shot.

Lucky for the little ones and me, there is a Little Caesars Pizza on the way home. Another stop to pick up lunch. The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur of baking, playing, and cleaning. Then it was time to head back to town. My son was about to referee his first hockey game!!! It was another late supper and then off to bed.

Tuesday was another busy kid day — playing, baking and cleaning — the usual;) As with most busy schedules, we had to make travel arrangements for my son’s busy life (why does my 12 year old get a social life???? Lol;)) since he had basketball tryouts at 4:30. So, my hubby picks him up from school and for the next hour they hung out together. Then, back to the school so that my son could be dropped back off again. My last little one left at 5:30. Whew! The house was mostly clean and supper was already cooking. This meant that I had the house all to myself for 45 minutes!!!!! Wow, I never get the house to myself. It’s too bad I was too tired to enjoy it:(

With Wednesday and Thursday came more busy days — and yes, busy evenings. I knew we had to be up early Wednesday morning to prepare for the advertised scheduled power outage. Note to self (and anyone else reading this) it’s not easy to prepare for a house full of kids with no power for four hours. That night, I had to get my son to his referee meeting for 5:15 and then over to basketball by 5:45 for the last tryout. Home at 8. There was only one thing on my mind. I went straight to bed.

Through the night, we lost our power. In most cases, this would probably be something I wouldn’t notice until my alarm didn’t go off. Except that my husband sleeps with a fan blowing in the room at night. So, as soon as the power went out, I was awake. Sigh! Here it was 2:42 a.m. Between the wind howling, and the rain hitting the roof, my son snoring and the cats playing, I was awake. Indeed, I was definitely awake.

At some point, I did fall back to sleep, only to be woken up at 5 by the fan turning on and the not so steady noise of the generator regurgitating. Needless to say, the day was getting off on the wrong foot:( Thursday nights are Navy League night, which usually means date night (I love date nights) but I was exhausted. So when I crawled into bed last night, I fell asleep within minutes.  As the alarm went off at six this morning, I just wanted sleep.

I hit snooze. But I never hit snooze. It certainly wasn’t going to make my day shorter….lol. I got up before the alarm rang a second time. Today, is my early kid day, so as I was taking the dogs out this morning at 6:30, the girls were getting dropped off. Blueberry raspberry muffins were first on my agenda. They came out of the oven just in time for my son to get one before the bus came. The rest of the little kids were dropped off smiling as usual. Me, I was the one who had to fake it. I felt emotionally drained, physically depleted and mentally exhausted. Oh yes, and spiritually lacking.

So as I struggled with staying perky for one more day, I asked the girls what they wanted for lunch. Their response was PSSGHETTI. I laughed, and laughed and laughed — total exhaustion will do that. When I asked what to bake, we decided on peanut butter balls. The kids like them because they are fun and messy but oh so yummy:):)

There was a lesson here. While I had spent the week running to and fro trying to manage the big things, God was quietly reminding me of the blessings that are only evident in the midst of the little things. A message that had to do with the pssghetti and peanut butter balls. While other moms aren’t so quick to combine messy spaghetti with even messier peanut butter balls all at once, ours was combined with the smiles and cuddles from the most awesome little people in my life. We laughed. And we laughed some more.

As I sat quietly for a moment, watching the little ones devour what lunch remained, I was thankful for all the blessings that I have in my life. That even when a busy schedule makes for a very long week, that the Lord has situated me in a place where I can spend my days with the most precious gift of all — children. My week — complete with a combination of messy and gooey — was 100% brighter.

Tomorrow, I will sleep in. Hopefully, until at least 8, but first I’m off to do the other hundred things I have yet to do!!!! Thank you Jesus.

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