Puppies, Kittens, Babies and Christmas Trees

    Puppies, Kittens, Babies and Christmas trees….

I knew when I was re-arranging my living room to accommodate my Christmas tree! I was going to need to be creative. It wasn’t so much where the tree would go….it’s 10ft tall with the star, so it can only go in so many places. My big U-shaped sectional was going to lose a section and become L-shaped, the tree would fit nicely in beside the couch and the fridge (my main living area is open concept;)) Perfect!!!

Next plan, put the tree up bare for a few days…this way the two kittens, one puppy and three babies could slowly get used to it. I thought it was great, they all watched as I put the sections together….and slowly they lost interest. Once it was all connected, I walked away. Baby #1 crawled over and admired it….baby #2 scooched on his bum, looked at it and scooched away, baby #3 walked over…touched a few branches, and went to play with his toys….phew, hurdle one complete. I let the puppy in from outside, she sniffed all around it, underneath it, as far up it as her nose could go….and she went to her spot on the couch and went to sleep. My older dog, Daisy knows the Christmas routine and could care less;) The kittens wandered over, one just walked away and could care less….the other Mr Big Shoes, played with a branch and then ignored it. I left it up for five days…..no issues, perfect!!!!!

So, the next plan was to put the lights on it….it is pre-lit but I need more lights then the pre-lit offers….so on went hundreds of pretty colourful lights. The kids ohhh’d and awww’d, but they left it alone. The animals all didn’t care. Mr Big Shoes decided he liked one of my stuffed singing dog toys and my tree skirt, so he spent most of his time curled up under the tree with his toy dog and blanket;) The tree stayed, safe and pretty….we put the lights on every day….for a week it was perfect!!!

So on a quiet Friday I decided to decorate the tree. The girls passed me the ornaments as they told stories about how they ‘help’ their moms decorate the tree. They told me to be careful as I climbed up and down on the stool to get the ornaments to the top. The snowmen and snowflakes, balls made with glitter and sparkly ribbon, slowly brought my tree to life……the kissing reindeer only needed to be moved once so they could remain ‘kissing’…..the box was finally empty and we sat back and enjoyed the view. It was perfect!!!!

As the days went by it looked like my tree would be safe….my long drawn out decorating problem was solved. The puppy, and kittens and babies could have cared less about my perfectly decorated tree, perfect!!!!

About five days later it started, I came downstairs that morning and there was a ball and a snowman….no big deal I thought, so I found a bare spot and stuck them on. The next day, the same thing….so I took them and placed them higher on the tree. Later that day, I found my culprit…..it was the dogs tails swooshing on the tree as they happily wagged their tails waiting for food. I moved the ornaments in the tail swooshing zone. The next morning all was well. Perfect!!!!

Another day went by, all was good. I went to town and came home….I found a few ornaments on the floor, weird but I fixed them. As I was cooking supper, I could hear my tree jingling…..Mr Big Shoes was playing with my tree, sigh:/ Out came the spray bottle…..it worked for as long as he remembered I had it. Ten minutes later he was at it again. For six days, he was sprayed when he touched my tree. Totally ineffective. This sucks:/

He was after EVERYTHING….lights, ribbon, ornaments, branches….nothing was safe. Sigh, what could I do but remove him EVERY SINGLE TIME he went near the tree. He didn’t stop. The water bottle didn’t work. Threatening to leave him in the basement until January didn’t work. Spraying him anytime he was within a foot of my tree didn’t stop him. Threatening to have him neutered without anesthetic didn’t work. Looking him in the eye and saying bad didn’t work….yes, I am aware my ways of fixing it were a little crazy, but the kids enjoyed it;). What was I going to do???

I bought a train…..yes, a train set. The cat HATES the train…..the train is under the tree.  The tracks run around my tree and everyone loves it except Mr Big Shoes. Perfect!!!! With the train under my tree, the puppy, kittens and baby have no interest in it. I am some glad I decided to buy a blow up Canada Moose instead of an outdoor train because it meant I bought an indoor train instead….perfect:):):)

Moral of my story…..you just never know what one simple thing could totally fix a problem, never give up until you find it:)

 Galatians 6:9
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

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