Rejoicing in Life

Rejoicing in Life

Many have said that “life is what happens while you’re busy doing something else.” Certainly, a very

wise and insightful thought. This observation was first verbalized, I believe, by that minstrel of a previous generation, John Lennon. I mentioned this quote briefly in a previous blog, but this day, I consider it to be  insightful enough to further elaborate.

Most people hit the ground running. From the time we are born into this world, we are running in what can easily be described as a lifelong competition. Competing for food, attention, toys or any another commodity of choice can be exhausting, as any young child would tell you, if they could. Then comes school. Dreaded school. This is truly the beginning of the quest for all the eventual trappings that define our achievements in life. It is here that success is glorified, and often, the standards set.

Students study for exams in which preparation can take hours and hours of our precious time. Then there are after school commitments. Activities like extracurricular groups that we engage in and sports. All these help to prepare us socially for college or some other sort of professional training. We subscribe to these endeavours in order to enter that place in which almost all of us end up — the work force.

While we are putting ourselves through all this rigorous activity, the world still turns on its axis without any input from us. The flowers still bloom in the spring and the snow still falls in winter. But while the world moves into yet another season, life pushes forward at a more rapid pace. So much so, that we hardly stop to notice that Mom and Dad are getting older. Grandparents die. And lifelong friends are getting married. In some cases, we are fortunate enough to get married first, start a family, and buy a car before entering into this race called life.

But regardless of how our life unfolds, a job is almost always on the agenda. If one is really focused and fortunate in their circumstance, they may embark on a career right from the get-go. Then it really begins — life that is. But sadly, it is not usually life we envisioned when we were children. Rather, we find life being thrown at us. Most people enter unaware that once in, there is no escape from the rat race. Indeed, with work and life soon intertwined, it slowly takes over the whole thought process. In fact, some might say our work begins to define us. Our children can speak their first word or take their first step with hardly a notice as we hurry to our next destination. And we continue to do so day in and day out. The constant pressures that we and society place upon ourselves become weighty, all in pursuit of stuff of some imagined scale — and in pursuit of prestige and popularity.

But all around us, if we only stopped for a moment to look, life goes on. Indeed, life will go on without us, even if we don’t stop. Why? Because this world as it is doesn’t care what we think or do, or even about our lot in life. The good news is that we don’t have to be caught up in life’s busy-ness. The Bible tells us to “labour to enter into His rest.” Just like God did when creation was finished. He rested on the seventh day. Just like He did after shedding His blood on a cross, knowing that the gift of salvation was now available to all those who call upon His name by faith.

No, the world won’t stop, but you will be comforted knowing the King of kings. And just like the times and season, and the earth’s inhabitants that know these inherently, you will learn about the peace and joy of Jesus that teaches you to appreciate life for all that it is. As you seek Him through his Word, you will be strengthened knowing that Jesus will provide all of our needs, and even some of our wants. Therefore, instead of running with the world, focus on those seemingly insignificant moments that previously passed you by. Oh taste and see that the LORD is good.

We give thanks unto the Lord for your love and faithfulness In all the little things you do with a heart of thankfulness We do so appreciate you and cannot truly express Just how much you mean to us, Lord, for we are truly blessed.

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