Starting Over with Thankfulness

“In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

If I had to name the current phase of my life right now, it would be called starting over.  We just moved across Canada.  I have no friends here and my closest family member is about eight hours away. The community where I moved is relatively new. I am blessed to now live in a new house, in a new subdivision with lots of new activities to discover in our community.  There are lots of walking trails nearby but after a week, the excitement of new is starting to wear off. In fact, the loneliness is kicking in.  I am trying to stay positive and I know in my heart that this is a great decision and opportunity for my family but it is still somewhat of a challenge.

There are moments in my day where I want to pick up the phone and call a friend but I realize that with the time change, they are already in bed.  I have cooked too much food every meal in the last week because I am used to having someone either drop by for supper or leaving food for my brother to pick up on his way home from work.  I bought this wonderful tea pot from a second hand store (that I am absolutely in love with) but I have nobody to drop in for tea.  There was rarely a day that went by at my old place where I did not spend time with my best friend or see at least one of my family members. I also worked in retail so social encounters was never an issue. But now, I miss it.

Still, I am so very thankful for the peace in my heart about this move and I know that peace only came because God provided a way and opened all the doors for it to happen.  I am also thankful for our supportive family members and friends who have been amazing in helping us with this journey.  I know how hard it is for them to be supportive when it means we are far away from them. They will miss out on a series of happy memories as my three little boys get older.  I am also thankful that I will have the means to go back home and visit everyone next year. Hopefully too my family and friends will be able to come visit us here.

As I reflected more on the many blessings that we do have in our new place, I began to realize that letting feelings of loneliness dominate my thinking will only serve to make me unhappy, and subsequently those around me. Instead, I focused on giving thanks because this is the will of God concerning me. And, in so doing, I have found that the best remedies to loneliness is thankfulness and prayer.

So even though my heart is sad and I could cry buckets for all the things I am missing, I am most grateful for what we do have. With God at the helm, I am looking forward to what this new journey has to offer.

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