The Apple

”I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God”  (Isaiah 61:10)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… well it sure doesn’t keep the plumber away, especially when it has been flushed down the toilet.  Oh the excitement when the toilet isn’t working.  Everyone needs to pee at once, don’t they?  Thank goodness for the child still in diapers!

Well the day started as normal, except for the gurgle.  The awful, bubbling that the drain makes when something just isn’t going down right.  Well this sound resonated from the toilet.  The inner workings of the one thing in this house I no longer take for granted.  I am supermom.  Superdad is currently living in Alberta working.  So for supermom this should be no big feat.  Pour some drain clog remover and we will be good to go.  Problem is that it didn’t work.

But once again, I am supermom so there is no problem too big or too small, right?  Supermom should have called a plumber.

Did you know that the only way to get an apple out of the toilet is to tip it upside down?  Unfortunately, this creates a huge mess.  One that I will not describe.  One that I can thankfully say has been forgotten compliments of bleach, rubber gloves and AJAX.

The day that started out with a challenge that was way out of my league and can totally be dubbed the most disgusting thing I have ever taken part in, became a bonding experience with friends and family.  Out of toilet water came laughter.

I have learned a lot these past three months in being a mom without daddy around.  I have learned to ask for help when things get too tough.  I have learned that I am capable of total failure as a mom and yet my kids are the first ones to show me love.  I have learned what exhaustion really feels like.  I have learned that a three year old really does just need a hug sometimes.  I have learned to listen to my kids.  I have learned to talk to my kids.  I have learned to be the loving mom.

That last one I struggle with.  I know that probably sounds crazy but I am great at disciplining, scheduling, cooking, maintaining, cleaning, tackling problems, and raising boys but I sure do struggle at the stop and love.  So when I saw the toilet problem, the apple, the mess… I laughed.  Cause that is what the loving mom does.  She laughs.  That is what the mom who can say she not only survived parenthood but she ENJOYED it did!  They laughed!

Out of the ashes, beauty will rise.  Well, on that day, when an apple brought it all to a crashing halt, or the day I saw my son across the street alone, or the day when the child who I thought was playing in the play area was out in the parking lot, or the day I was positive I had pulled the emergency break before exiting my vehicle only to have it roll into the street…. The days when I have met failure face to face and I struggle because I know I should have done it better.  I know that the exhaustion or the business or the toddler’s antics got the better of me.  On those days I say Thanks.  Thanks to God who pulled beauty from disaster, who gave me laughter out of toilet water.

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