The Eleventh Hour

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.” (Psalms 3:5-6)

Sometimes I find it difficult to see God’s wisdom and purpose in everything.  Beyond applying for job opportunities, I am asking our Lord whether He wants me at home raising the kids or going to work. I am also praying for guidance in what my ambitions means for us all as a family. But to no avail. In fact, I’ve been struggling with what God wants us to do.

At Bible study this week, I mentioned to one of the ladies that it would be much easier to trust God if He would just give us a little more direction in what He wants.  She replied, saying, “Well if it was that easy, you wouldn’t really be trusting in Him.”

That gave me pause to think.  If Jesus wants us to trust Him and in the past He has always followed through, then why would I doubt Him now?  So, after that insight, I told my husband that God was going to work out the details.  He knew our needs and He was going to adequately provide for them.  I have never had reason to doubt my faith so why start now when my husband is off for three weeks over Christmas. Being the sole provider, I had been – up until now — putting a lot of trust in God that my hubby would find something to work at during that time frame.

When I changed my faith perspective and started waiting on God for His guidance and direction, things started to happen. Bible study was on Wednesday.  That afternoon, I had an interview lined up.  On that same afternoon, my husband got a message saying that he had work starting Monday.  Thursday I got a call from the place I had just interviewed with and they had set up another interview for that afternoon.  Also, on Thursday a former employer called me and told me that I could start orientation on Friday.  A few hours after that call, I was hired for the position I had just interviewed for.  Are you following this?

Now my husband has work over the holidays and I have two jobs. My first thought is God has a very “unique” sense of humour 😉  But seriously, I think He let me sweat it out because there was something I needed to know. Yes, He was waiting for that sweet lady at Bible Study to tell me that if God made it easy, then I wouldn’t really need to trust Him.  That’s a big revelation for me.

As I started both jobs today including orientation in the morning and the administrative training in the afternoon, I was content knowing that my Lord and Saviour never fails. For the next couple months, I am going to work in both organizations and see how it goes. Although we know as a family, it will be busy, we feel confident that God will show us His plan as we move forward. All I have to do is trust Jesus … even when He brings me to the 11th hour before directing me.

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