The Joy of Baby Sisters

 The Joy of Baby Sisters
  “She [is] more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.” (Proverbs 3:15)

I don’t really remember the first time I saw her (which is strange because I remember most other things at that age). I do know this. On this particular day 26 years ago, one of my MOST favourite people came into this world. She was a super happy baby, smiles and giggles all the time with all this curly crazy coloured hair. She had a way of making even the crankiest person smile. She was that cute. She would be the last of my siblings — my beautiful baby sister.

Right from the time she was little, brushing her hair was torture in the worst form. We went through bottles of leave in conditioner. Often we had to hold her down (legs wrapped around her) while she screamed and cried — just so that we could comb her hair. I’m sure the neighbours thought the worst was happening as we tried desperately but to put her hair in a braid. For us, it was our only solution for keeping the tangles away. Her hair was blond and brown mixed with streaks of red. No hairdresser in the world could replicate her amazing hair. She did grow out of this stage of life (thank goodness) around grade 1. Sadly, she managed to pass this one trait down to her middle child, lol! At least he is a boy, so no braids needed;)

When she was two, she chased my little brother’s friends EVERYWHERE. Then, we lived in a small co-op community so the kids were always playing in the street. Those four year old boys had no idea what was going on as we sat on the steps and watched her run after them. When she was three, she would crawl into my bed every night (so much for finally having my own room….lol;)) She did this for years. I’ll never forget the night she threw up down the side of my waterbed. It was gross and almost impossible to clean up. When she was four, I took her to school with me. All my friends loved her. In fact, she was by my side ALL THE TIME. I didn’t mind though…..she was my baby sister:)

She was eight when I moved away from home. Life didn’t change much. She still visited on weekends and I still took her wherever she wanted to go. I remember buying her tickets to go see a Brittney Spears/Backstreet Boys tribute concert (as close to a concert as we had ever had on PEI at that time). It totally made her the happiest kid ever. It also gave me best big sister bragging rights too;)

However, when she was 11, a time I’ll never forget — she came home from school with head lice. It was awful (as anyone who has ever dealt with it knows). As her clothes were bagged and frozen (everything she owned and then some) my friends and I (all hairdressers) took on the daunting task of combing nits out of her LONG and THICK hair. Needless to say, it took 3 hours but we got each and every trace of those horrible things out of her hair. She was a trooper. Only a few tears and no trace of the little girl she used to be. Thankfully, it was the only time we ever had that problem!!!!

Over the years, my baby sister has made me laugh, cry, and even angry (because really, it’s unnatural to not be angry once in a while with your siblings ;)). My baby sister has made my heart happy, and other times made my headache … but all in all, over the last 26 years, I can  say she has made me proud to be her big sister. Her life isn’t always perfect. LIke all of us, she makes mistakes — and can even make crappy decisions BUT that makes her human, just like me.

Throughout her life transitions, I have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. On her wedding day, she was the prettiest bride, and now she has become the busiest mom. She now lives 5,340km away — not the 160km I am used too — so if I add the three hour time difference between provinces means that you might read this post before she does. Still, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best baby sister a girl can get!!!!!

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