The Joys of Boys

But Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”(Matthew 19:14)

As you may already know, I have three boys.  They are all close together — my oldest born in 2009.  They are a blessing even though I will offer to give them away in a heartbeat, they are the joy of my life.  They are the reason I do what I do.

I spend my days and nights with them.  I am their only parent while daddy works in Alberta.  I won’t say it has been easy but I accepted the challenge and I can honestly say that we are doing okay.  The last three months with them I have learned a lot about them that I wanted to share.

My firstborn is named Bennet.  He is a big boy weighing in at 55 lbs.  He’s got a heart of gold and a dramatic side to go with it.  He laughs when he sees someone being silly and cries when he sees something sad.  Squish his pet spider or lose his rock friend and the waterworks will flow.  He’s tough and loves to tumble.  He is my oldest which means that with him I am constantly learning new things.  Every stage he teaches me how to parent.  I remember promising him when he was still in the womb that I would be the best mommy ever.  I can truly say I am not the best mama or even come close but we do alright.

My prayer for him is to learn how to overcome his addictive nature.  I have already seen the way he locks onto television or video games and I pray that he will learn self-control.  He is only four and yet it already shows.  I wonder what characteristics showed when I was four?  What things my parents prayed for me to avoid.  The other part of my prayer for him is protection for his big heart.  Then I pray that my heart would become more like his.  Full of love and joy and ready to give at all times.

My second son is Zachary and he is definitely my biggest thinker.  He is my mimic child.  Show him something and he will mimic you or the scenario perfectly.  He is antisocial and tends to be difficult to reason with but if you catch him at just the right moment — the moment when he shows his heart — wow.  I can feel all the energy leave his body as his mind quiets for two, three and sometimes even six minutes as he curls up in my lap and hugs me tight.  For those moments I see that inside that confident, intelligent and goal oriented little boy, there is a heart of gold.  A loyal heart that protects his baby brother from disasters unseen.  He is always watching and ready to intercede if he sees little Oliver heading toward danger.

My prayer for him is that anxiety never overtakes him and that he doesn’t hide his heart from the world.  He is the child most like myself and I foresee so much in him that I want to be avoided.  I want him to love easy, laugh often and cherish the moments even if he does it differently than other people.  I want him to always believe and forever dream big dreams.  I pray that I will be able to teach him how to do all of this and that I will always remember that this tough little man is still a little boy who sometimes, just needs to show his heart to his mommy for two, three or if I’m really lucky six minutes.

My littlest man is Oliver.  At his young age of 21 months, he is an overcomer.  Got a mountain? He won’t only climb it but he’ll make himself a path so he can overcome it again and again.  His blue eyes charm every person in the grocery store and he knows when he is in trouble.  Boy can he play with your heart.  You will see him produce a little tear, drop his head and lower his eyes to portray that hurt little boy look but be careful because just when you think you have the strength to growl him, you’ll see him smirk.  I dare you not to smile back.  He isn’t just going to dream big dreams, he is going to see them through right to the end and charm every single person along the way.  He is sociable and bubbly.  His happiness has shown through every obstacle in his short little life and from a good health perspective, he has had quite a few.

My prayer for him is simple.  Keep him honest.  His looks and charm can easily fall into the wrong hands.  So I just pray he becomes a man of integrity and good character.  One who uses his ease with motion and words to build up people around him and not to sink beneath that.  I pray that I could have a portion of that happiness, that trust in people.

They are my boys and I am blessed to be their mommy.  Out of all the other women God could have chosen to parent these little monsters, he chose me.

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