The Next Leg of My Journey

The Next Leg of My Journey

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13)

I did it. I know there are doubters out there (I’ve worked on my own doubt too) but this week I signed up to do something I haven’t done willingly since I was a very young child. On Tuesday, I started the Learn to Run program. While not life changing for anyone other than me, I am so determined to do my best!!!

For those who may not know, the concept behind the program is simple. Follow the guidelines and go at a pace that you are most comfortable with. I know it’s do-able. My younger sister participated for two years. My dad took part last year and they both did AMAZING. My sister got smokin’ hot and my dad lost 26 pounds. Most of all, they got active in something they both enjoyed.

So when my friend Melinda said she was starting the program so she could get healthy, I told her I would go too. But you should also know that this is not the first time. Last spring, my son and I started walking. We started with short trips. Our first walk was 1.7km. But by the time it was too dark to walk in the morning (we started at 5am), we were walking around 4.5km. On weekends we would walk anywhere from 3-6 km. It was great. In fact, I really enjoyed our walks and time together.

However, when fall came, it was far too easy to stop. Despite the fact that I have a nice fancy treadmill upstairs, I didn’t use it. Apparently, falling into old bad habits was just easier than doing something about it.  The other issue was that with signs of winter everywhere, I had begun feeling yucky inside. This was something that hadn’t been an issue when I was regularly outside walking. Still, I knew running would be quite a different story.  Indeed, I haven’t liked or enjoyed running at any point in my life. So this opportunity was not only a timely one but a welcome one too.

At first, I didn’t think I could do it but I was committed to trying. I had already missed the first week which meant learning to run would be a little more challenging than I expected. Week One consisted of walking for 4.5 minutes and running for 30 seconds. Week Two included walking for 4 minutes and then running for an additional minute. This is repeated 8 or 9 times, at least three times a week.

On Tuesday, I started out at my previous walking pace, which, by the way, is not a good idea. Let me tell you why. By the time I had to run for one minute, my leg was really sore. Apparently stretching is a good idea before exercise. As a result, I only ran for 30 seconds. Throughout, however, my friend Melinda was right there with me. And what did we do? We huffed and we puffed. We ended up walking more than we were supposed too but at the end of those 45 minutes, we had done it. We were now on our way to learning to run.

But what is even better is that we were still both excited for our next trip to the walking track. Now that is progress 😉 I did not stop there. This morning, I decided to dust off my treadmill and complete my walk/run routine. It felt great. I felt rejuvenated. This is not to suggest that there won’t be days where I have to be encouraged to go but until then, I will keep doing the 4/1 as scheduled.

Next week brings a 3.5 walk combined with a 1.5 run. I’m sure that will be interesting. Just know that as I embark on this new journey, I will be the one saying over and over again, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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