Walking in Love

Walking in Love …

“Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given Himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour.” (Ephesians 5:1-2)

Friends are important.

Today, I helped an old friend. In fact, I even made her cry. Do I want to brag about the circumstance, telling everyone what I did? Of course! Doesn’t everyone? In that sense, I am human too. However, the reason for sharing this story is not to glorify me or my actions but to show others that there is a specific heart that emerges from following Jesus. A heart that changes our overall perspective about life. Indeed, when we ask Jesus into our hearts, our minds are renewed in Christ, and as a consequence, the importance of worldly pleasures tends to diminish. Still, even though I help my friends when I can, there is often a longing to do more. Much more. And, yes, admittedly, there are times that it makes me sad that I cannot help out more people in need

It was in this context that this mom had been on my mind for over a week. I went to school with her when we were kids and she was that best friend that you fight with all the time … lol. But even though there are many years and provinces between us, I’ve always wondered about her life. How is she doing? The awesome thing about Facebook is that we can now reconnect with those old friends!

Catching up, I found that my friend has 4 children and 2 step children. She even has grand kids!!!!! The perfect family? Well, no. Her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a form of cancer (she just turned 5) and has been going through chemotherapy. And, as someone who spends all my free time with kids, I can’t imagine any of them going through this.

However, this mom is strong. She works part time, raises her kids and still helps out when someone needs her, all while her husband is on the road long haul trucking! She gives of herself without asking, so when I saw that she needed help I wanted to jump in and do something — anything at all to ease some of her pain. So I prayed about her situation. Do I book her a hotel room near the hospital to cover an overnight stay? Do I send her daughter a care package with a few treats for her other children? Do I send her money to ease some financial strain???? How do I help from three provinces away? How can I make her day better??? And yet, in some small way, give her daughter a reason to smile? So many questions. In this case, I did what was put in my heart to do.

But in reality I want to help everyone who is truly in need. How does a person decide who needs help more? How do I decide when to help? Or how? I can pray for that person … because we can NEVER offer too many prayers. I can ask God to send the people to me that I CAN help and show me the way to help. And I guess I can continue being me and helping when and wherever I can.

I do know that God always puts people in our path that can enrich our lives. We just need to open our hearts to see it. It only takes one person to make a positive difference. Become a flow through for the gospel. Let God make a difference through you

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