What a Miracle Looks Like!

What A Miracle Looks Like!

Today I learned what a miracle looks like. It wasn’t what I had expected. In fact, I had no idea what was coming my way. I was baking cookies (that is all I have done it seems for the last few weeks ;)) when my doorbell rang. It was one of the moms I babysit for. She was just stopping in to say hi, drop off my pay and bring me a little Christmas present. We started to chat — more than our usual rushed conversations at the door. With the holidays, she is on vacation this week — so not in any rush to get home and start dinner. I have only been watching the kids since October, as they just moved to the Island. She was just finishing up her maternity leave so I haven’t had long to get to know her. But today that all changed.

We were discussing hockey and then adoption — (a strange turn about I know but how we went from one to the other is a whole different conversation) — and she told me that her and her husband had also discussed adoption. They had lost a child between her boys (5 and 1) and were unsure after this loss if they could or would even want to try for another baby. Having lost an early pregnancy more than once, I understood where she was coming from. However, her loss happened at 36 weeks. Heartbreaking.

Her oldest son was born with six fingers and toes — polydactyly — it’s called. They did the surgery and removed the extras, and off they went with their happy healthy baby. Throughout her second pregnancy, the doctors monitored her closely. In her 32nd week ultrasound (to measure her healthy baby in utero) she was told the worst news ever. The baby she was carrying also had six fingers and toes BUT this baby had a huge hole in his heart. They performed the surgery to try and fix the problem before birth but the baby did not make it. The hole in his heart was fatal.

Through their grief it didn’t occur to them that maybe this baby was telling them something they didn’t know — an angel perhaps in disguise. It was a phone call from the doctor concerned that because the second baby also suffered from Polydactyly, that maybe he had more in common with his big brother then an extra finger or toe. So they ran tests on their little boy. I cannot even begin to understand how impossible this would be to get through. What they discovered was that their oldest also had a huge, undetected hole in his heart. If it hadn’t been for that baby, the baby who never lived outside the womb, they never would have known that their son was toddling around with a bomb ticking in his little body.

I had no idea. This child is happy, crazy, busy and has the sweetest smile (and a serious cookie addiction;)). He underwent open heart surgery right away. They fixed the hole. The doctor told them that this type of thing is what causes young teenagers to drop dead while playing hockey, soccer, anything at all. This type of hole can go undetected until it is too late.

This five year old little boy will live out a long healthy life because God sent an angel in the form of an unborn baby to warn the parents. A child who will never be known on earth was his big brother’s special angel and probably always will be. I see great things happening for this little boy 🙂

They did have another baby and he is 100% perfect. The doctor said the odds of ever having another baby with these exact symptoms were so great, they would win the lottery first. In this case, the lottery winning for these parents was a happy healthy baby. Mom isn’t taking any chances again 😉

I’m glad I heard this story today because it reminded me that life is precious … and even though I will always have moments when the beautiful babies I watch drive me crazy (this a guarantee;)) I will also remember that each one is here for a reason. A purpose that is God destined and unique in every aspect. We just have to wait on Him who created us in the beginning to understand how precious life really is. For me, it means remembering to hug my little ones tight before they go home each day because they are all little miracles in my world 🙂

 By stretching forth Thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of Thy holy child Jesus.” (Acts 4:30)

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