God Moments

There are moments in life when things just line up.  Most people would call it a coincidence.  You call a friend and find out they are having a bad day, you go for groceries and the things on your list are on sale, you are short on cash and you find $20 in your coat pocket.  These things happen all the time.  You could probably think of a few recent things. I don’t call them coincidences.  I call them God moments.  They are always right on time.  They are always what I need.

A month ago I was living in a house that caused me constant frustration.  It was too small for our family, the neighbours were rowdy, and there was no yard.  As a mom of four it was not a happy place.  I searched for a new place continuously but nothing was working.  I live in a city where rentals are hard to come by and you are constantly competing with many other families when you do find a good spot.  We prayed for months to find something that would work for our family.   We begged God for a solution.  On a Tuesday night I gave up.  I told God that I didn’t want to live here any longer.  I told Him that I was done with living above people and that I could not continue living in a house that didn’t have extra space.  I was angry.  God said that He provides for us and I didn’t understand why every application form we filled out was denied.

On a Wednesday I found a house that looked like it might be okay for what we needed.  There wasn’t a lot of pictures online so I wasn’t sure it would work but at that point I was ready to take anything I could get.  We went to see it that night and, if I had a checklist of all the things I wanted in a house, this house had it.  It had a huge fenced yard, tons of parking, was a stone’s throw away from my children’s school.  I refused to get my hopes up.  I refused to believe that I might actually have a chance to get the house I needed.  That night we got a phone call to say the house was ours.  We moved in three days later.  This was a God moment.

My husband said something to me that night that rang true to me:  If we had gotten any one of the houses we had applied for in the months prior, we would have missed out on this.  We wouldn’t have gotten the house that had everything we needed to raise our children, even the things I didn’t even realize we needed. That’s how I know it was a God moment.  A coincidence is a moment that works out nicely.  A God moment is one that you didn’t even know just how well it was going to work until it happens.  It has effect that goes beyond the original moment.

Two weeks later I was in line for kindergarten registration.  My three boys are very close together and because of that I actually need to register for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten the same evening.  When I do this they put someone in the Pre-K line up as a stand in for me.  My littlest man has a friend who was also being registered for pre-kindergarten that night.  Her Mom, C, was further back in the line than my stand in.  When I finished with Kindergarten registration I went to meet up with C at the PreK registration.  I was registered for two mornings a week but the man in line right before her ended up taking the last morning placement.  This meant that if we were going to be able to have our kids in the same class we would not be able to have mornings.  The lady who was next in line behind C was a mutual friend from our church.  She had been sending her kids to this school for years.  It was their school of choice and she was in line to register her youngest child for Pre K.  The only way her daughter could go to this school though was to have a morning slot.  She is a working mom so she didn’t have a schedule that would allow her an afternoon placement.

Now this is why I know that our new house was a God moment.  If we didn’t live in this new house then I would have needed a morning class.  It would have made too much of an inconvenience for me to do afternoon.  It was in this moment, standing in the Pre-K lineup that it all came together, when I handed her my AM registration paper.  I didn’t NEED it.  She NEEDED it.  God provided for her by providing for me and my family.

These are God moments.  These moments are what builds our faith beyond the human level.  It takes it to a God level.  For the Bible tells us in Iasaih 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” Declares the Lord.”

Don’t give up if you are waiting on the Lord.  He’s got you and He’s got me.  Trust in Him who is greater.


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