The death that brought life

As it draws closer to Easter I begin to think more and more of Jesus’ death as I’m sure most people can relate.  I think of all the ways it could have been different.  I think of the different ways God tried to save us before this and what would have happened if even just one of those ways had worked.  What if Adam and Eve hadn’t allowed sin to enter?  What if, after the flood, we did it better?  What if, when the people were freed from the captivity of Pharaoh, they continued to rejoice?  What if???

I wonder at what point will it be enough before the world sees a better way?  God gave us life… we sinned.  God wiped out all sin with a flood… we sinned.  He rescued us from captivity… we sinned.  He made good on His promises… we sinned.  He divided an entire sea so that His people could pass unharmed… we sinned.  We saw walls fall, people dance in a furnace, burning bushes, and the mouths of lions shut… we sinned.  Then we watched an innocent man die.  We watched a man who gave back so many people their lives,  who raised the dead, fed thousands with a few fishes, had so much power flowing through Him that even the tassels on His robe could heal.  And we stood by and watched Him die.  What more do we want as a people?

 And the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all….

I think of when soldiers walk into battle and they have no idea what might happen.  They say goodbye to their loved ones and hope they will see them again.  They carry that hope with them everywhere… it sustains them.  It gives them courage.  I wonder how different they would feel if they knew 100% that they weren’t going to come home.  I wonder if they would have the courage to leave.  Jesus did.  He walked away from his earthly parents and entered into the very arms of the world that He knew 100% certain was going to take everything from Him… to the very last breath.  But He did it.  And we let Him do it.

I don’t claim to understand the whole Bible.  There are many passages that I just cannot grasp and there are many topics that I cannot speak of.  I am not a Biblical scholar by any standard but there is one thing I know is true and that is that nobody deserved what Jesus did.  None of us could be worthy enough for Him to die for us even though countless times He tried to save us and EVERY SINGLE TIME, we turned back to our ways.  That part I know is true.

Sin is everywhere and it always will be.  There is no denying that until Jesus returns to bring His children home, sin will continue to spread in our world.  We don’t get to escape it and unfortunately we will spend time living in it because we are a sinful people but that doesn’t mean we have to live in it forever.  In 1 Thessalonian 5:5 the Bible tells us that we are all children of light, children of the day.  We are not of the night or of the darkness.  We are His because He gave His life for us and we need to own that.

Jesus died for you and He died for me to give us life.  If you are reading this, and you haven’t accepted His gift of life please do it now.  Reach out to Him in prayer and ask Him to take hold of your life and forgive you of your sins.  He’s already paid the price for you and He wants nothing more then to see His children come to Him.


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