Do not be afraid

Mark 5:36: Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

I never knew fear until I had children.  I only had me to take care of so if something bad happened I knew I only had to get me through it but now, with four little lovelies I know what fear is.  You know what a car accident could do, a house fire, the difference a second makes… you know even if you have never had to experience it.

As I was watching a movie with my brother a couple days ago, I started to realize that the things being portrayed could become real.  Every day our world seems to get scarier.  School shootings, suicide bombs, people walking around in public with firearms threatening to shoot, babies dying of unknown causes… and those are just a few that have just recently been on my Facebook news feed.  The horrors are hitting closer and closer to home.  How do you protect your kids from this?  From the unknown?  How do you get past the urge to lock them up in your house to keep them safe.  To protect them from the monsters that are very very real in our world today.

As I watched this movie and witnessed a mother trying to wrap her arms around her children while bombs went off around them I wanted to cry.  Her arms were not big enough to hold them.  Her body was not wide enough to shelter them.  She could not sing loud enough to block out the screams.  She could not both wrap them up and cover their eyes so they didn’t see.

When it ended, I couldn’t move.  I just stared at the screen lost in my fear for my children and the world we live in.  A world where a father is beaten to the point of a coma because he defended a young person from being harassed.  A world where we can put a needle of poison through an unborn baby’s heart because that BABY doesn’t count yet according to society.

It still bothered me a couple days later when I was driving home with my brother and I told him my fear.  When I told him it was terrifying to watch my boys and my baby girl grow bigger knowing that with every day they grow beyond what I can hold in my arms.  That even now with them just being 5, 4, 3 & 3 months my body is not wide enough, my arms are not long enough, my voice is not loud enough…  I am not enough.

But Jesus is.

The world is not any more evil than it was ten years ago, twenty years ago, 2,000 years ago.  Satan is still Satan and the enemy is real.  But… and this is a big but… Jesus won.  Jesus won when He rose from the dead and gave us eternal life!  We do not have to be afraid!  The Bible tells us over a hundred times DO NOT FEAR! FEAR NOT! DO NOT BE AFRAID!  And do you know why?  Because HE is with us.

Yes the world is fearful.  Yes I will do my very best to protect my children from every single thing that could harm them and my arms will always fall short.  But I KNOW that Jesus’ arms stretch as far as the east is from the west and those arms can reach.


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