What if it didn’t?

Isaiah 55:8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD

Over the last year I have watched numerous families torn apart on the news.  Drunk drivers, farming accidents, and a fun night gone wrong has changed the course of lives forever.  Too many empty beds, broken hearts or broken bodies all because something went wrong.  In every situation there was a way to prevent it but that doesn’t mean that there was always somebody at fault.

In the latest case I have heard about where two died and six were left with major injuries, one young man is described as, “He is strong because he knows when he needs to let go and be weak and healing. And he is strong because he is not hiding in shame or self-pity but standing on his core values of not living in regret and letting everything work into your story by the Hand of God to be turned to good when the whole world watching would think that insanely impossible.”  No regrets in this case doesn’t mean he isn’t sad.  What he went through was tragic.  It has changed his life forever but he doesn’t regret that the intent was to live their lives.

I find sometimes that I get really caught up in the what ifs of my life.  I worry about things that are beyond my control.  There are times I sleep on my couch at night just because I don’t want to be any further away from my kids just in case something happens.  What if I can’t get them all out in a fire?  What if we were in an accident and I couldn’t save them all?  What if I failed and they paid the price?

But what if I miss life because I am always preparing for disaster?  This young man is letting everything be turned to good and giving every moment of his life as a testimony to God’s goodness.  How brave is that!

Most recently our biggest what if concerned our family.  My husband moved four months ago to a different province for his job.  He is a four hour drive away and we have been discussing moving there but what if we don’t like it?  What if it doesn’t work out?  What if we can’t find renters for our house here?  What if…. Yesterday we made the decision to go.  This will be our third time moving in the last year.  One of those moves brought us across the country and when we did we wondered what if…..  But do you know what stood out to us the most?  What if we took that leap and trusted God that He had everything under control.  Eight months later I can tell you that he did and we are once again going to take that leap but this time I will continuously proclaim that God has this under control.

If you are living your life always wondering what if, I encourage you to give that to God.  Let it go and just listen because His plan is far greater than ours.  Don’t miss out on those moments with your family because you were always trying to get everything right.

Once again as I sign off for the weekend I encourage you to take this Friday to plan time for your family.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sonshine Scoop

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