Women step up!

In November I inquired about the kids club program my church usually ran throughout the year.  It hadn’t started up yet and I was interested in getting my kids involved in it.  What I found out was that the previous leader had stepped down but nobody had stepped up into the position.  So, my sister in law and I dived into the task of setting up a study that would run the remainder of the school year.  I can’t even tell you how awesome the last six weeks have been.  

Last week we studied John chapter 6 and during the activity I called out to the kids, “Do you want to be healed?”  They roared YES!  So I called out, “Do you beleive Jesus can heal you?”  Again they roared yes!  So I called out one last time, “Can Jesus still heal you?”  Right on cue there was a roar of YES!  It has been amazing watching these kids study God’s word but not only study it, it has been amazing to watch them learn it!

Every week they come prepared with their Bibles, memory verse and completed homework sheets.  Their attitudes are amazing and their little hearts are thirsty!  They can’t wait to get started and I have had so much feedback from parents about how much the kids love it!

The reason I mention this is because when we don’t step up to fill the places that are missing, we miss the blessing that comes along with that.  I find women in the church are much more likely to step back from leadership roles and as a mother of four I completely get it.  Dragging kids to meetings, trying to find the time to send out leader emails, printing, cutting, gluing more crafts…. it takes time and for most women that is in short supply.

I want to encourage you to step up anyway because I want you to see the blessing.  I want you to get out there and step into the places where we can truly make a difference!  Don’t be afraid that you will mess it up because God goes before you!  You don’t want to miss what He has in store for you, so women rise up and live out your faith on the name of Jesus!

You will not be disappointed!

From one ordinary woman to another… let’s do it together so that we can watch Jesus take our messy and turn it into extrordinary!


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