Five weeks ago, I woke up on a Monday morning and felt miserable. Not because it was Monday, but because I was just uncomfortable in my skin, I wasn’t happy with the way I felt every single day. I knew a change was needed but could I or would I actually do something about how I felt?!?!

A few days earlier, I saw a post on Facebook by the lead singer of one of my favourite Christian songs. He was thanking God because on that day he was celebrating 13 years of sobriety. What an amazing accomplishment! He posted that without his faith, he would have never done it on his own. Now, I’ve prayed to feel better, lose weight, get healthy….blah blah blah, lol…..but I’ve never once truly sat down and prayed for HELP to accomplish those things. Instead, I’ve bought the books or current diet plan and winged it on my own and to some extent had success but it was always followed by failure.
On that Monday morning, I hobbled down the stairs. I got on my scale and was shocked. How did I let it get this bad (well, eating chips and cheesies as meals will do that;)). So I sat down and I prayed.
Dear Jesus — it’s time and I can’t do this anymore on my own. I know you will help me if I ask. Right now, I am asking. Please help me. In Jesus name Amen.
I thank Him every day for helping me.
I decided the best way to accomplish losing weight was to give up all products that were man made. If it came in a box, it was out. If it had to go through a zillion steps to become edible, it was out. So, getting rid of these foods meant eliminating all processed foods, sugar type foods, flour based products — pretty much every food I have eaten in the last few years. Back to the basics. Meat? Unprocessed. Full fat cheese, cream and butter. Vegetables? Knowing the ones that grow underground tend to be harder on a person, I’d limit those.
A funny thing happened. I gave up all those foods and haven’t missed them once. Even better than that … the side affects of giving up those foods have been amazing.
For the first time in years I was HAPPY. Not just for everyone else but for me too. My mood swings disappeared completely.  I didn’t need a nap every day. My head felt clear and not foggy. Believe me, I’ve done diets. Many, many diets and I’ve never felt this good on the inside. I never once realized, despite all the stuff I’ve read about diet, feelings and behaviour that I was eating myself into depression and miserableness.
Lots of times, I’ve thought maybe I should talk to my doctor about how I felt —  they have medicine for that. I just knew in my head that medicine was not the answer. So I never did. This morning, I’m so glad that I didn’t. I’m glad that instead, I read a Facebook post that changed me on the inside. God put that post in my news feed at the exact moment I was ready to actually understand it.
Ephesians 3:20

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

The pounds I’ve lost have been a bonus, but the greater accomplishment is that I’m finally feeling like myself. I’m the person that I used to be…happy and not miserable. And I couldn’t have gotten this far without knowing Jesus is holding my hand as I go:)

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