Let them hear

Multiple times Jesus tells his followers that those who have ears, let them hear.  A perfect example of this is in John 6 starting on verse 35.  Jesus has been telling the people that if they eat of his body and drink of his blood then their life will be everlasting but many people couldn’t understand.  They couldn’t see past the physical and because of that they walked away.  The 12 disciples remained though declaring that he has the words of eternal life and they will stay.  They had ears to hear.

Earlier in that same chapter Jesus takes 5 loaves and 2 fish and feeds thousands of people.  It is an amazing miracle if you actually take the time to consider what this would look like.  Afterward, Jesus withdrew from the crowd but the crowd came back searching but they didn’t come back searching because they saw the miracle that Jesus did, they came back because they saw what Jesus could do to serve them.  They would never have to work again!  Their eyes couldn’t see.

Each Friday we try to encourage you as a family to spend time together.  To recognize the importance of taking time away from the hustle and bustle to build your relationship with each other but this Friday I want to encourage you to focus on building your household the way Ephesians tells us too. (Ephesians 5)

As people we are to love one another but it says to be careful how you live.  Be wise, do not fall for empty words, and be thankful.  It tells us to make the most out of every opportunity and understand the Lord’s will.

Wives submit to your husbands.  Let them lead your household by focusing on Christ.  Recognize our place as caregivers and pray with and for our husbands.

Husbands, love your wives as Jesus loved the church.  Jesus gave His life for the church and as such you are to dedicate your life to serving Christ and in doing so, you will serve your family.

Faith without works is dead.  As a family build your faith, obey the word of God, and watch what will happen in your home.  Find ways to encourage each other, pray for each other and live your lives to serve Jesus.

And just remember, let your ears hear, let your eyes see because you don’t want to miss what God has planned for you!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sonsine scoop

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