Who I am

I am Marion
I am Doug’s wife
I am Keagan’s mom
I am a stay at home mom
I am trying to be an adoptive mom
I am a working mom
I am a hockey mom
I am also a baseball and lacrosse mom
I am Kevin and Janice’s daughter
I am Claire and Reima’s step daughter
I am Louis’s daughter in law
I am a sister, step sister and sister in law
I am a pet owner
I am a home owner
I am a friend and an enemy
I am a niece, an aunt, a grandchild, a cousin
I am a caregiver
I am Madyson and MacKenzie’s most favourite non-relative
Most importantly though….
I am a Child of Jesus….that means I am
loved, cherished, forgiven, imperfect, scared, blessed.

Despite being all those things, I struggle daily. I struggle with my emotions, my thoughts and actions. I try to remain on the path of calm and smiles. I crash every time. I work hard to be better, but constantly fail. I read too many secular books and not enough of my Bible. I am always disorganized on the inside, although not on the outside. I’m the mom most people “hate. The one who bakes everyday, cooks regularly for her family, whose house is very rarely a disaster (although it’s always a mess to me), the one who takes her kid every where he needs to be, and manages his hockey team, the one who gives more than takes, all while raising everyone else’s children.

I am usually lost, working on finding the right road. It’s not easy. My road has deep ruts that I’ve hauled myself out of, hills as far away as the eye can see, sometimes it’s flat but never without a sharp S-bend. But I do know one thing. Whenever I am in that rut, or at the bottom of a hill, or in the dark corners of the bend in the road, and I need to find my way, I look for my light. Jesus is my Light because I know that no matter how lost I am, He never actually leaves my side.

Funny, I wrote this blog a year ago….and I’m still all those things above but I’ve learned something else. My journey in this life is not unique. It’s a journey we all travel, the roads taken are ultimately different but our starting and end point are the same. We are born and eventually we die. It’s what we do in the middle that matters, how we live, what we believe, and in whom we trust. My life might not be perfect, and I might still hit rocky spots….but my heart is where it needs to be, and that is good enough for me:)

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