It has been an extremely busy couple of weeks for my family as we have been packing, sorting, loading, unloading, unpacking and sorting again so that our family was back together.  My husband moved five months ago to a different province for work and it has been a challenge to say the least.

There are a lot of things you don’t think about when you separate as a family.  There are little things that make it stand out that someone is missing.  The jar that sits beside the bathroom sink is missing a toothbrush.  The laundry pile is missing heavy work pants and long socks.  The leftovers pile up in the fridge.  The quiet.  It’s the latter that has bothered me a lot in the last month.  The quiet.  When the kids go to bed and suddenly that’s it.  The day is done and there is nobody around to talk to, nobody to snuggle with, nobody to lay beside you when your head hits the pillow.  It’s lonely.

This morning, though, I woke up in a house that was ours again.  The shorts hung over the bed, the dishes in the sink, and the heat turned up are all evidence that he is back with me again.  That I am no longer parenting alone.  That I no longer have to have it all together because he is going to walk through that door at quarter to five and he will be there.  That tonight whether it was a good day or a bad day, he will be there when my head hits the pillow.

We have a friend who is single and we jokingly talk about how he is quite happy at single island and although commitment island looks appealing sometimes, he isn’t ready to grab a boat.  Depending on the day I tell him to stay or dive in, haha, but in all seriousness I encourage him to go.  The Bible tells us that man was not meant to be alone and it is so very true.  We were made to have someone to love us, to journey with us and to be there for us.  Life isn’t the same without it.

It’s the same with Jesus.  We are His bride.  We are His love!  He wants to be with us when our heads hit the pillow, He wants us to know He will carry the burden on those hard days, He wants to leave evidence in our home that He is there!  Just like marriage, though, the relationship isn’t easy.  There are times when it is hard and there are times when it is beyond anything you ever thought.  The difference between marriage and a relationship with Jesus is that He will never fail you, He will never leave you, and when life ends… He is waiting for you just like your groom waited for you at the altar.

Sitting here with my family back together in a house that three days in already feels like home, I can assure you that Jesus is waiting and He won’t let you go!

Be blessed this weekend as you find ways to celebrate your weekend with your family and loved ones,

Sonshine Scoop

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