Thank you

There are a lot of songs about how mothers are up before the sun.  I remember hearing them on the radio, men singing about their wives or their own mothers but I don’t hear good songs about husbands very often.  So this one is for him.

He wakes up Monday to Friday and even some Saturdays and Sundays to go to work.  He’s up early… before the sun.  He makes his own breakfast, packs his own lunch and heads out the door for work.  He never complains.

When he comes home he helps with dishes, laundry and the kids, having learned years ago that children means work doesn’t end when the bell rings.  He listens to their stories, picks up toys, does bath time, gives hugs and kisses, goodnight tuck ins and one last story.  He is their dad and they adore him.  

After they go to bed and the house looks as clean as it can with four young kids living there, he takes care of me.  He gives me time to watch a show, eat a snack, sit in the hot tub because he knows that I didn’t get a 15 minute break that day.  Then he goes for his shower, shaves because his job requires him to be clean shaven every day, and after letting out the dog, locking all the doors and vehicles he comes to bed.

He is amazing.  I have heard younger guys tell him he is a role model to them and he is.  Most importantly he is teaching our children every single day that a dad is more then someone who walks in the door at night.  A dad is someone who serves his family tirelessly.  He is our protector, our support and the big arms that can fit us all in one hug… family hugs as our oldest calls it.

He has been beyond amazing the last couple weeks, allowing me to get settled and take the time I need, praying for me, doing extra house stuff so that I can adjust at a slower pace to all these new changes.  I don’t appreciate it the way I should but in reality who really appreciates everything they have.  He knows that I am thankful for him, that I love him and that he is my best friend.  He knows that he means the world to this family.

Sometimes I feel this world tears down dads and I know that I have, on more then one occassion, been ignorant to this husband of mine but there are so many men out there working for their families to provide for them.  What he does provides me the chance to spend more time at home with our children, and despite the fact that it is a challenge, this is precious time that cannot be traded.

So, thank you husbands for your dedication to your families.  Thank you dads for teaching your sons what it means to be a father because it will speak throughout the generations.  Most of all thank you to my husband who has already left for the day to ensure that we are taken care of.  You are worth more than words can say but I know you are fulfilling your Biblical role for being a husband and father.


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