Perspective is a wonderful thing isn’t it?  The way it allows you to see things from multiple angles can really help point out the value of what you have no matter the circumstance.  We have this awesome little brook that runs through our yard.  It is a constant source of entertainment for the boys in this house who love to get messy. They will play in it with or without toys, often throwing pieces of wood across it to make a bridge.  Rarely they do this without getting drenched but for the most part this wonderfully made little stream has doubled my laundry…. because a mother of four doesn’t have enough laundry already!

So the other morning I was waking the kids up for school and as I was opening their blinds I realized just how much water was gushing down the brook.  We have been warned that if we get too much rain it can turn our front yard into a pond but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet.  You could actually hear the water pounding over the rocks as it made it’s way to the pipe at the end that we assume carries the water to the sewer.  Well as I was watching the flow of the water from my second story level I caught a glimpse of what else was flowing towards that big hole… a sled, a garden dish, shovels, toy cars…. so many hours spent adding things into the little, harmless, stream.

So I dashed out of the house to go rescue all of this stuff before it could reach the drain and despite my best efforts to get this stuff from the side it soon became clear that the only way I was going to be able to successfully rescue all the stuff my kids had left here was if I got into the stream.  I had about five seconds to debate whether I should take my shoes off or not but it became apparent really fast that I needed to start the rescue mission, so shoes and all I jumped in.

This all took less than ten minutes but they were ten minutes that I was going between humour and annoyance… and I have to say annoyance was winning, at least that is until the mission was complete and I walked back into my home. Some of you might not recognize the signifigance of that last sentence.  I walked down the hill of my yard, up the steps of my deck, turned my doorknob and walked into my house.  There are 88,000 people this week who cannot do that and it was there that my annoyance left.

The rain that poured down over my yard, filling my brook… that was the same rain that hundreds of thousands of people were standing in prayer asking God to rain down on Fort MacMurray, Alberta.  Where I myself was praying the exact same thing… Jesus bring them rain!

It’s about the perspective that comes when we take a moment to see the whole picture.  When we look at our circumstance from the point of view of another and realize that we are so incredibly blessed.  The situation in Alberta actually brought up a very in depth conversation with my husband about Job.

I’m not sure how many of you know the story of Job but I am going to give you a super brief overview.  Job was a great guy!  He trusted God with his whole being and was blessed because of that.  The devil tested Job by taking away his family, his home, etc.  And through it all, Job remained faithful.  God is good, always.  Then one day some guys were talking with Job and for a moment Job got a little righteous… he started getting a bit of an attitude for why this stuff was happening to him?  He was a good guy?  He served the Lord, why did he deserve this?  (Haven’t we all thought it at one time or another?  Really it has come up with all of us… God why me?)

Well after a bit God gets into the conversation and he says, “Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge?  Brace yourself like a man; I will question you and you shall answer me.”  Well I don’t know about you but if God ever says that to me I am pretty sure I would be terrified!  Brace yourself against the almighty God?  If you havent read the story of Job please do because God rips into him: “Will the one who contends with the Almighty correct him?   Let him who accuses God answer him!”  I cannot even imagine how this guy felt.  

Through it all though, Job realizes that every blessing He had came because God blessed him with it.  He realized that God was with him every step of the way and was taking care of him.  He realized that without God he had nothing and that is what was going to matter to him from there on out.  It was the perspective that we don’t deserve anything.  The wages of sin is death so only by the grace of Christ do we have anything but death.

It’s a matter of perspective, and like Job I think we all need it sometimes.


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