Typically my days are busy but on average, the day to day is the same. For example, I wake up early, shower, prepare for my daycare kids, tidy up, wake my son (so that he is showered, fed, lunch made and out the door), and spend the day with “my” kids. I feed them, pour endless cups of juice, change poopy bums, watch them play and finally send them home with their parents. Then I rush to get supper done, get things cleaned up (this doesn’t always happen ;)) and head out the door to whatever and wherever Keagan needs to be. When all is said and done, I get home, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. My weekends aren’t much better (lol) Indeed, they include extras like more running with Keagan, grocery shopping, yard work,and  laundry. As most know, weekends are often over before they begin. So when a holiday day comes around…..that’s the day I try to enjoy life to the fullest … and by fullest, I mean I try to be as lazy as humanly possible 😉

So after a crazy weekend — and I mean after working all day Friday, driving an hour for 3.5 hours of lacrosse, driving an hour home, going to bed, getting up drive to an another lacrosse session, grocery shopping, housework, and preparation for a bonfire/sleepover birthday party for Keagan and 12 of his closest friends (this included food prep, setting up the tent, filling air mattresses, making beds, filling a piñata etc) it became a weekend to remember. As expected, the teenagers partied all night… ALL night! When I woke up at 3am the bonfire was still going strong, two kids asleep on the trampoline (why did I set up the tent????) three playing basketball — they were apparently pulling an all nighter 😉 Sunday had its own challenges. First, it was clearing the house of 12 teenagers, cleaning my house from top to bottom a second time (or was it the third time?!?!) and driving two hours for a family dinner and then driving two hours home. Yes, I needed a day off.
So on Monday, I woke up and did NOTHING! I even got to sleep in until 8!!!!!! I was very thankful for Victoria Day 😉 My plans for the day was not to cook (sooooo many leftovers), watch television and do as little as possible. And I was very successful at making a plan but the problem with plans is that they NEVER actually go as planned.
As my day progressed, my tummy started to hurt because I ate too much cheesecake (believe me, it is totally possible to eat to much cheesecake). Then I got heartburn from eating too many cold bbq’d hamburgers and hot dogs (apparently, they are okay for one meal but not all three. Who knew? And then….much like the day a mouse jumped out of my shoe when I took it off my foot, my day got just a little bit worse.  As I got up to give my husband a kiss when he got home from a very long day at work, I stepped in very warm, very fresh, very soft, very grassy animal barf. I’m not sure if it was one of the dogs or one of the cats. I just know the pile was very big and happened very quietly and quickly. It squished between my toes. My husband laughed as discreetly as possible as he cleaned my barf covered foot. But my day wasn’t about to get any better.
I decided to drag my weary, not feeling so great self to the shower. Yeah, it’s 10pm. I should have just gone to bed. But I feel yucky and just had barf between my toes so I turn on the shower. Wait a minute for it to get warm. Put my hand in to make sure it’s not to hot and BAM, the running water is ICE COLD.  Yep….with all the financial issues we dealt with the last few months, my oil budget just didn’t last long enough. No oil meant no hot water which meant no hot shower (which meant I was washing my hair in the sink with cold water). Then my blow dryer died. So I went to bed with a sick belly, heartburn that Zantac and tums weren’t working on, a germy foot and wet hair.
When I woke up yesterday morning, I knew my day couldn’t be any worse than the day before … and it wasn’t. Because if there is one upside to running out of oil (beyond no hot water) was telling my 15yr old that he would have to take a cold shower or wash his hair with cold water in the sink 😉 Luckily, we got oil delivered yesterday. The hot water heating was up and running by bed time, and today the whole family, the dishes and the bathroom are all nice and clean 😉 My bad day might not have been all that bad in the grand scheme of things. In fact, when I reflect on it — all but the barf part– could have been prevented. But sometimes, we need one of these days just so we can remember that our troubles are never so big that Jesus can’t handle them 😉
Jesus said, “Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

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